Geared Up for Spring

It’s official, Spring is here and with the new season comes a bounty of new products for us to get our grubby little mitts on.

We’ve picked five of our favourite items to land at Footy Boots HQ recently.

5. Nike MercurialX IC – Indoor Football Shoe


Okay so we’ve already reviewed these bad boys, but they’re worthy of a few more column inches.

It’s Nike’s indoor football shoe with the dynamic locked down collar (the bit around the ankle). These shoes give a great touch, are supportive and are very comfortable.

Pro’s: A performance shoe to take to your indoor game.

Con’s: Will set you back a few quid more that you are used to for an indoor boot.

Available from Nike – £125

4. RunPhones – Speakers in a Headband

RunPhone headphones

If your thing is pounding the streets to keep fit for footy whilst listening to your favourite tunes, then you’ll get the frustration of trying to keep your earphones intact whilst jogging.

Step forward the RunPhones. In short they are a set of speakers embedded into a headband. The speakers are located in the headband where your ears are. Hey presto – they keep the speakers in the right spot without moving whilst you run.

Pros: You can hear other things, like people talking when wearing them, yet the sound is still pretty good. They’re also ideal for wearing in bed as they’re comfortable enough to lay your head on.

Cons: Headbands need to come back into fashion.

Available direct from SleepPhones – from £19.99

3. Puma Wheel Bag


A stylish, subtle football bag that will make you the envy of your teammates as you stroll up to the locker room.

The large compartment is an ideal size for carrying boots, pads, towel, wash kit and undergarments. There’s also side pockets where you can store a wallet, keys, drink etc.

We love the option to carry the bag in a traditional fashion with the handles, or to pull it along the wheels.

Pro’s: Can double up as a weekend away bag.

Con’s: Looks so good you might not want to chuck your dirty boots in it!

Available from Puma – £56.00

2. Gyro Captain T-Shirt


US Based designer Steven Kramer has created a unique theme for his T’s, fictional football teams based on Mad Max places and characters.

This T is the first in the series with the Gyro Captain. Printed on the Footytees quality base, this will be a sure fire fave with us this summer.

Pro’s: Quality, well priced T that you can be sure everyone will be commenting on.

Con’s: We’re still waiting for the rest of the series to be available.

Available from Footytees – £18.55

1. Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial

That’s right, we’re rolling the old veteran out.

With the warmer weather comes hard pitches. That means time for mouldies and we think the Copa’s are still up there with the best boots for hard ground.

Pro’s: Super comfortable, great feel on the ball, retro look.

Con’s: They’re prone to splitting at the toe.

Available from StartFootball – £83.55

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