adidas are really spoiling us this week, after already spying Bayern Munich Skipper Philip Lahm in what could well be the new adiPure IV, Gareth Bale has shown up in another Black out pair of football boots – only this time I think we can unanimously agree that these are definitely some breed of adiZero.

Gareth Bale in adidas adiZero football boots - could these be the adiZero Prime / adiZero 2

The Welsh Winger has long been an advocate of the F50 series, having worn them since joining Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, but adidas have recently made Bale more of a marquee name for the ultra-light football boots; no doubt thanks to his blistering form of late.

So, if adidas needed some feedback on a new incarnation of the adiZero – again, potentially the adiZero Prime – Bale would be pretty high on the list of players they’re likely to ask for testing.

But before we get ahead of ourselves here, let’s take a closer look at the boots themselves;

Firstly, the boot seems to be synthetic – on some of the close-ups you can see the smooth finish that’s missing on the leather version of the adiZero.

Gareth Bale in adidas adiZero football boots - could these be the adiZero Prime / adiZero 2
The studs on the boot seem to differ in shape across the boot, with the back ones being flatter and more blade like than the toe-end ones; but the quasi-triangular studs on the current adiZero often look unusual shapes due to the angles of how they are placed on the soleplate.

All in all, there’s very little here to suggest that these are any of the new forms of the adiZero, be it the'  adiZero Prime or, indeed, the adiZero II (which we’ve heard are two different boots, by the way…)

Gareth Bale in adidas adiZero football boots - could these be the adiZero Prime / adiZero 2

One clue is that the new shape of the adiZero Prime is rumoured to include a small tab on the tongue, rather than the more rounded tongue on the current range of adidas speed football boots – we’re struggling to make one out on any of these photos, but at least a couple of shots here seem to suggest it’s presence, even if we can’t quite confirm it with these photos.

But as always on, it’s you who always chip in with the best theories and suggestions when it comes to black-out football boots!

So, if you think you’ve got a reason as to why Bale’s boots have gone into stealth mode, make sure you leave us something in the comments below!

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  1. says: El Nino

    I saw on more info about the 2 different boots, the Adizero Prime and the Adizero II, apparently the Adizero II is $150 cheaper… maybe bale is testing out the primes?

  2. says: Cody

    Could simply be contract negotiations, his star has risen rapidly over the past year or so and maybe he feels the deal he inked with Adidas is no longer suitable for him?

  3. says: JB

    Not synthetic … lovely black leather. Started out as samples only before the World Cup. They do look better on my feet though. Honest. No bull.

  4. says: carter bliss

    adizero 2 is just color updates and are still 200$ the primes are 140 grams and have different color studs throughout the boot and are 350$

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