Whilst everyone loves a ‘New Boot’ boot-spotting, but we love it when big stars break out the classics even more!

In training for France’s World Cup preparations, ex-Arsenal Captain William Gallas has broken out some serious old school classics in the AZT90 III football boots.

We’re not sure why the combative defender has opted for such an out-dated pair of boots – however what we’d really love to know is where on Earth he got them!

At over 6 years old these boots were the penultimate ‘standard’ T90 footballs boots, before they re-branded as the ‘T90 Laser‘ and opted for the ‘Power’ football boot market!

Gallas, however, has not been playing in these old school Total 90’s in matches.

Instead, the former Chelsea and Marseilles man has been wearing a ‘Yellow-ed out’ pair Mercurial Vapor Superfly I’s, with the Nike swoosh across the toes being covered by a healthy splash of yellow.

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  1. says: misterbroom12

    Maybe his contract with Nike ended and he is wearing what he likes. Although I don’t know why then he would train in one boot and play in another, unless he really likes having a lighter boot for an entire 90 minutes.

  2. says: Rory

    Sometimes when you come off of an injury, it helps with the transition back to full fitness if you wear a boot that is either more broken in or more comfortable than your normal choice of boot. Sort of like when Ibrahimovic wore CTRs during a spot of training sessions with Barca, Pato wearing Legends, and Beckham training in Copas during his time with Milan. Just a personal hypothesis, because I’m normally all over Vapors for matches but my feet are busted or sore I’ll pull on my CTRs and train until I’m better.

  3. says: Eric

    maybe he likes wearing a heavier pair in practice and a lighter pair in games?

    weren’t these the T90s on show in germany in 2006?

  4. says: Peter

    Someone can correct me if i’m wrong, but i think that these were the boots before the world cup in 2006. The azt IV supremacy was the boot that came out for wc 06.

  5. says: Fredi

    Maybe he just really likes them. Anyone think of that? The stars aren’t tied down to one pair of shoes. They have their game shoes and they have their practice shoes.

    I know I do. I still have these cleats as well. They’re my favorite pair of boots that I’ve ever worn.

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