Gabrielle HeinzeYou’d think that any player turning out for Spanish giants Real Madrid would be coining it in with a major football boot contract. Well, no as at matter of fact.

Madrid defender Gabriel Heinze, formerly of Manchester United, has recently been playing in a pair of football boots which he’s blacked out.

The Argentine international, who’s not overly loved at Old Trafford after trying unsuccessfully to get a move to Liverpool, before settling on Madrid explained why saying:

Thierry Henry It is very simple. I do not have a contract with any company. I had a contract, it ended and so I painted the boots black. Why am I going to give publicity to a company with which I no longer have a contract? There is no mystery.

Heinze’s contract was with Puma as you can see from the image below.


Oh, hang on, wrong Heinze. This is the one.

Gabriel Heinze

And if you know of any other top player who’s in a similar position as Heinze, do let us know at Footy Boots.

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  1. says: Sion

    I hear what you are saying, but shouldn’t he spend his time worrying about Madrid winning La Liga rather than painting his boots black?

  2. says: franky

    Mattieu Flamini of arsenal was seen wearing blacked out adidas predator powerswerve boots in the Liverpool champions league game when he was carted off due to injury.

  3. says: Khaled

    Thx for the info as ive been wondering why he has these shitty boots..hell get a contract sooner or later by maybe nike or something

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