Each team played twice this weekend and things are more or less decided, with favourites Brazil and Spain safely through to the semi-finals.

futsal world cupThe weekend marked the beginning of the second stage in the Futsal World Cup. The eight squads were divided in two groups of four, Group E and Group F. They will play against each other and again the top two teams will go through to the semi-finals.

On Saturday in Group E, Brazil defeated Iran by just 1-0, in what the hardest game the Brazilians have had so far. The Iranian goalkeeper Nazari featured prominently and performed some amazing saves. For the first time in this Futsal World Cup, Brazil were booed by the crowd and showed some deficiency in attack.

In the other match in Group E Italy defeated the Ukraine by 4 goals to nil. Both teams started the match with a defensive formation and all the goals were scored in the second half.

Playing in Group F also on Saturday, Argentina and Paraguay drew 3-3 in the South American Derby.

The other Group F match was between Spain and Russia, the world champions won 5-2, but it wasn’t always easy for the Spaniards. At one stage they were 2-1 down, but managed to regain control of the match and grab the three points.

Yesterday was another great day at the Futsal World cup, with matches that are becoming world class derbies in Futsal.

First it was Brazil against Italy, in what was a very tense match, in the break a fight between Forte from Italy and Betao from Brazil resulted in a red card for both players. In the end Brazil won 3 nil.

The revelation of the tournament Iran, defeated the Ukraine 5-4 after been 2 nil down with 8 minutes played in the first half. The Iranians made an astonishing comeback and held on to the victory.

In the Hispanic Derby, Spain defeated Argentina 2-1. The victory secured Spain a place in the semi-finals, while Argentina will play Russia to decide who will advance to the Semi’s.

The last match of the weekend was between Russia and Paraguay. A huge mistake by the referee gave the victory to Russia, literally in the last seconds of the match. Paraguay still have a remote chance of advancing to the semi-finals, but they need to beat Spain and hope for a draw between Russia and Argentina.

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  1. says: DS

    “A huge mistake by the referee gave the victory to Russia, literally in the last seconds of the match”

    Referee was “great”!
    Here’s the short list of his wrongdoings for the 1st half of the match:
    1. he gave nothing to Paraguay’s no.10 for cracking Cirillo’s knee down (now this Russia’s native Brasilian will be out of sport next 6 months minimum);
    2. he showed the red card to Russia’s coach who just tried to ask why ref even did not whistled out at that moment;
    3. he showed the red card to Russia’s captain for nothing (watch the highlights, you’ll see if you are not blind!).
    To the no.3 moment Russia was leading 2:0 with absolutely no hope for Paraguay.
    I do not deny the fact of his mistake at last seconds.
    I am against your “elective” description of the match!
    Ref broke the game, but taking into account his judgements in the 1st half, the final score is square, even if it sounds paradoxically.
    Russia played better.

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