x Samuel Casal World Cup Collection

Footy Tees x Samuel Casal - World Cup Collection

Our friends over at are celebrating the World Cup in genuine style this summer by teaming up with Brazilian artist Samuel Casal to create a limited run batch of tees inspired by the competing nations.

A freelancer illustrator by trade, Casal lives in Brazil and is famous for his hyper-stylised sense of motion, inspired by linoleum carvings, which he also makes.

Published in books, newspapers and magazines from Brazil and other countries, you might get a feeling there’s something rather familiar about his designs as you’ve probably encountered his work before, if not his name.


Footy Tees x Samuel Casal - World Cup

The resulting collection for aims to capture the unique traits and iconography associated with some of the World’s biggest footballing nations with a Brazilian twist.

A remarkable use of texture and typeface helps add a nice sense of depth to each design, with retro propaganda poster-style figures set against vibrant symbols and trademarks of the team depicted.

We’re already eyeing up a couple to replace our England shirt with by the time the inevitable happens…

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