World record holder Dan Magness attempts to kick footballs into a moving car window. But is the trick genuine?


Aged 17, he became the UK ‘Keepy Uppy’ champion after keeping a football up for an astounding 13.5 hours. The next year, he beat over a thousand other freestylers to win the UK Adidas Freestyle championship, and in 2009, he smashed the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for controlling a football for 24 hours.

Now he’s featuring in this viral video for SEAT cars called ‘SEAT Kicks & Tricks ‘.

We’ve seen the video over and over and are not convinced that Dan’s tricks are 100% genuine. Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section at the bottom, whether you think the trick is Real or Fake.

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  • compare people from back then and now, soccer has gone so far in skills, has gone even better, people from now have develop amazing skills in controling a soccer ball, how do u explain Roberto Carlos free kicks??? Ronaldinhos skills?? Or Messi who is considered he best soccer player on the world . Its because the same as Organisms, Soccer Evolves from better to greater. Thats all what i have to say. A truly soccer fan, and a soccer player.

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