When we made the first Footy Boots Show, we were hopeful that it would be popular but we also realised that it would probably take some time to impact on worldwide football boot consciousness.

Footy Boots Show 2

How wrong we were. In a little over 6 weeks, the show has been viewed by an incredible number of football fans. Tens of thousands via Footy Boots and a quite astonishing 115,000 times on You Tube.

It’s clear that our hosts, Greeny and Sully are the new darlings of sports media, the Lynam & Rider or Keys & Gray of the football world. Or perhaps that should be Foot & Mouth?

Either way, the boys are back with the second Footy Boots show, better than before, packed with even more information, tech specs, on location film and opinion.

This week, the lads compare two types of Jabulani balls from adidas, try out the PUMA K-Leather v1.10 (they like a bit of leather now and again) and, before we get too Graham Norton, they take a butchers at the adiPure III.

It may have missed out on this week’s Oscar nominations, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

The Footy Boots Show

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  1. says: Spyder

    Nice on lads, good improvement on last time too.

    Any chance you can get some other brands on the show other than adi, puma and nike?

    Keep it up

  2. says: kuuku

    5 stars…top notch and relevant info about he boots and ball! I have few complaints. Wonderful stuff! I think I’m going out tomorrow to get my hands on that jabulani….but I didn’t see anything on the adipure….did u forget to put that in or did I just miss it somehow?

  3. says: Fenboy

    Great show and I agree, better than the first which wasn’t bad in itself.

    As Spyder says, lets hope some of the other brands are watching this and realise what a great opportunity it is.

  4. says: Meji

    Good video! One last tip – Use Mics like the ones that clip to your shirt…will make the videos JUST that more professional and improve the sound!

  5. says: Splinter09

    Great show lads, can wait to see your take on the Adipure III.

    But I’ll have to agree with Meji, sound was not as good as the show itself so next might be worth investing a few more quids on a better mics for the boys, Footy Boots.

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