With the release of the PUMA v1.10 now imminent, we thought it only right to preface the reveal of the new PUMA boots by finding out what you thought of its predecessor, the v1.08, and which version has proved to be your favourite over the last 18 months or so.

The boot has certainly been to the fore recently. Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka wore them in becoming the Premier League’s top scorer in 2008 / 2009 and Samuel Eto’o didn’t do the brand any harm when he scored the first goal for Barcelona against Manchester United wearing the Black / Team Gold colourway in last season’s Champions League final.

Even as recently as last night, the v1.08 was still producing the goods with Peter Crouch, also wearing the boot in Black / Team Gold, scoring a hat trick as Spurs thumped Preston 5 – 1 in the Carling Cup.

We’ve selected our own top six from which you can vote for your own particular favourite.

Team Royal / Silver / Yellow / Red

v1.08 poll the bull

The loudest pair that PUMA came out with which were debuted in January of 2009. Unmissable on the pitch.


v1.08 poll pink

Nike had the Pink Vapor and PUMA responded with the Pink v1.08. The boot was supported by an excellent advertising viral which featured a beautiful model in her underwear. Good enough for us!


v1.08 poll camo

The boot used to such good effect for much of last season by Nicolas Anelka.'  Could have been designed however for another PUMA user David Bentley who seems to have disappeared of late.

Black / Team Gold

v1.08 poll black team gold

The Champions League final isn’t a bad place to debut a pair of boots. And scoring in them wasn’t the worst idea either. Rightly, a favourite choice of Samuel Eto’o.

Red / White K-leather

v1.08 poll red white k leather

The third K-leather version of the v1.08 which only cost £10 more than the synthetic model. Classic, simple and great value for money.


v1.08 poll ferrari

The brilliant v1.815 Ferrari came out in March this year to coincide with the start of the F1 season. Only 815 of these limited edition boots were made. At a selling price of £250, it was probably only Grand Prix drivers who could afford them.

So they are our top six – let us know which version you preferred by voting below and leave us a comment as to what prompted your choice. [poll=27]

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  1. says: ill-d

    i will have to agree with fenboy and say the new v.1.10 is a step down in the looks department…

    i thought they did very well with the 1.08 aesthetically. really liked how they utilized the puma logo and have it wrap down around to the soleplate. the new v1.10 just chops the puma in half in a very clumsy way…

    i dunno though, it could grow on me. i thought the new predators were super ugly when i first saw them and now i dont think they are so bad….

    but oh man are the vapor 6s suprememly ugly. get ready for a pastel purple/orange colorway. :/

  2. says: Aussie Lad

    Fenboy and ill-d: Yeah I definitely understand where you are coming from, but I was able to maintain photos of the v1.10 pretty early, and they have grown on me in leaps and bounds. Plus add to that the fact that they are supposedly LIGHTER than the v1.08, it seems like this could be a very succesful boot. I think when new colours and such start to surface, opinions may start to slowly roll around to the v1.10 🙂

  3. says: Bob FSquared

    Those are NOT the vapor 6, Ill-d. Someone called nike and they said they def arent but said they would not give any more info. The pros will like those tho, they are flashy. The puma v1.10s I think will look less plasticy and such IRL. The yellow ones to some look like McDonals colors but they would look sweet with certain uniforms. Eto’o would look good wearing them, its very african-esk

  4. says: fifinho

    I could honestly rant on about this topic for a couple of hours or so but for the sake of everyone else I won’t lol

    to put it simply: v1.08’s MUCH better than v1.10’s. Unhappy and disappointed with Puma’s work this time round 🙁

  5. says: Lovell Soccer

    Having seen the V1.10 and tried it on, Puma have done a much better job of this boot than the V1.08.
    The v1.10 just fits so much better.
    the thing with the V1.08 was that the material if not kept properly would stain. the v1.10 has a much easier to clean surface.

  6. says: Jason

    I agree with fifinho the v1.08 are better performance wise ..yes the v1.10 fits better but the touch is horid and the lace cover doesnt do anything at all

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