Whenever Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo share a pitch, there’s always huge amounts of expectation. So, our good friends at Castrol have taken to their big book of stat’s to tell us whether or not that expectation is justified.

Messi v Ronaldo Stats

Due to meet in Geneva tonight in a Portugal vs Argentina Friendly, we’re presenting the two La Liga rivals statistics against one another in a head-to-head battle.

Ronaldo’s Goal Drought

Despite being in red-hot form at the moment – Castrol Performance data shows that Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored or assisted a single goal when facing Lionel Messi in a competitive match, losing the last four in a row, whereas the Argentine star has scored twice and set up another two goals against his Portuguese counterpart.

Messi v Ronaldo Stats

The two players have met on six occasions – always at club level – and Messi has been on the winning side four times, whereas Ronaldo just once. To make matters worse for the Portuguese starlet, he has only seen his team score once when facing the 2009 & 2010 Ballon d˘€žË˜Or: a Paul Scholes goal at Old Trafford on 29th of April 2008 in the Champions League semi-final return leg.

Messi v Ronaldo Stats

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The two players have both scored 24 league goals this term; however Lionel Messi has needed three games less to reach this tally. The two La Liga titans are hoping to break the all-time season-record of 38 goals, held by Telmo Zarra and Hugo Sánchez.

World Cup Misfire

Messi v Ronaldo Stats

Both players seem to have put their disappointing World Cup campaigns behind them: Lionel Messi failed to find the net in South Africa last summer despite playing 450 minutes and firing 21 shots. While Ronaldo scored just once, in Portugal˘ 7-0 win against North Korea.
What do you think tonight’s result will be? Can Ronaldo break his duck against the Mercurial Messi?

Let us know in the comments!

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    1. says: messhugah

      ronaldo was immense in the semis cause he played against eh arsenal(the babies)while messi had to face the strong,physical team Chelsea who r the real men they covered messi so well that he couldn’t do nthin

  1. says: caleb

    of course ronaldo because he is doble important to united than messi to barca i mean messi is the better player but ronaldo means more to his team than messi.

  2. This season I think Messi out played C.Ronaldo. For us football lovers what else could we ask for, two of the best players nowadays sponsored by two of the most renowned football brands on the planet. We are in for a great game, no doubt.

  3. says: Keil Leisk

    Personally, I feel that Messi has outshone ronaldo, in the Primera, whilst champions league, ronaldo has shone throughout. Fair enough, a lot of you are going to argue the fact that messi has grabbed more goals, fair play, but last season, and also this season, Messi has DISSAPEARED off the park whilst playing BIG clubs, he was none existent against chelsea, I just feel that the primera league, is hell of a lot slower paced than the premiership, that was VERY apparent last season when we played barca in the semis, and the same again this year when they played chelsea. Im going 3-1 to united. I just think we have an allround better team then barca, and a lot stronger defence

  4. says: st.huba

    Hello all 🙂

    If Messi plays how against Chelsea London then Manchester United have the victory in the pocket, I believe that finally Lionel Messi have the biggest influence on the Champoins League.

  5. says: Bon

    What does everyone conveniently not mention how Man Utd and Chelsea played against Barca in the CL Semi’s? They parked the proverbial double decker bus.

    I’d love to see how much Ronaldo can accomplish when he is TRIPLE marked by the other team. Of course he would probably just trip over a blade of grass, win a few free kicks in dangerous areas and convert one of them.

    Also since this seems to be a “stats” battle, why not take the assists count into consideration as well?

  6. says: Scottymac8

    Agree with Bon, why not put assists up too?? They are both wingers after all. Then we can see which of the two has been involved in more goals over the season.

    As for the final, it will depend on who turns up. Both players have a tendency to go missing in big games.

  7. says: lfc fan

    messi outsone ronaldo when barcelona played man utd last season….and messi has improved from lsat season whereas ronaldo hasnt played as well as last season

    undoubtly i believe messi will tear up man utd just like what kaka did 🙂

  8. says: jj

    cos he is an emo junky.

    maradonna 2 is twice the player ronaldo is, with a twice as good/professional/likeable and respectable attitude.

    ronaldo is a cry baby when he doesn’t get his own way – not the attitude of a role model or a legend

  9. says: waxx

    did messi do anyfin against united in the semmis last yearr…no……but messi hardly performs against big clubs…..evra is a good match for,,, him cant wait to see them against each other

  10. says: monkey

    nike are the biggest winners…they are sponsors for both teams and a lot of the players on both sides…
    p.s. ronaldo is better than messi

    1. says: Jack

      Not any more, he was about a year ago, but messi is now better. I think ronaldo is on drugs now, same with ronaldinho and a couple of other players, he plays differently and reacts worse.

  11. says: Rob

    I don’t like him or Man utd but Ronaldo is better than messi! Though Ronaldo has not had the most consistent of seasons he is still high up on the Premiership goal scorers list, he also poses both an aerial threat and a huge danger from set pieces whereas messi doesn’t. Yes Messi is quick and the best dribbler in the world but he does not have the power and all round ability of Ronaldo.

  12. says: jesus

    adidas teams have won the ucl more than nike teams but messi and barca are going to beat ronaldo and man u. Messi has a better atitude and sportsmanship and plays better ronaldo needs every player to tire the other team so he can don some thing and mesi doesnt need them

  13. says: jigga


    He is a better overall player and is more of a threat at all times. He plays in a better domestic league where defense is actually played, and you have to work to get calls. La Liga is fun to watch because there’s no defense played, and diving is more part of the game.

  14. says: davidL

    can messi score with both feet in mid range? can he head like a beast? maybe he is the best close control dribbler right now , but ronaldo is much more complete

  15. says: Alex

    I’m going to say that Ronaldo is going to make the biggest impact in the final. But in a few years, I think Messi could be better. Wasn’t it only a few years ago where people were saying that Ronaldo was quiet in big games? But if you look at him now, he’s got no problem against big teams like Arsenal. Give Messi more time.
    Coming from a Man United fan.

  16. says: lorie

    Ronaldo and messi are two different players!!! however i think ronaldo is much more versatile and is more complete than messi. Messi is absolutly amazing and has had a better season based on goals but la liga is not as tough as the premier league to score and barca has not had the toughest route to the final i.e. bayern munich whist man utd have had arsenal, porto and inter. Ronaldo is a threat wherever he is…look at the goal against arsenal. the move was started by ronaldo at his own box and finished with him at the opponents box. He can an extent. He can head!! messi cant. He can score with his right foot!!! messi CAN’T even kick a ball with his right foot. He can score with his left foot and can strike a freekick from 40 yards and still beat a top class goal keeper!!!! messi is better at dribbling and his 1 foot striking is amazing but ronaldo is just more complete. Ronaldo even plays upfront if he has to!!! he can play along the front 3 or on either wing….UNITED TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2-1

  17. says: Boost

    Why do you all say that Messi is no good because he couldn’t play well at chelsea,Ronaldo never has a good game at chelsea and did you see how Messi destroyed Real Madrid!

    Messi all the way!

    1. says: Kevin

      Boost do you remember the champions league final last year. or their thrashing (man utd) of chelsea 3-0?

      i beleive he scored in the final, and supported 2 goals in the 3-0 game

      man utd is going to win this,
      try not to call messi great,
      cause the la liga defence ain’t great at all.

      1. says: Boost

        How many times have united beat their rivals liverpool,chelsea,arsenal, etc,6-2.
        em, never long live messi.

        ps.How many times has Ronaldo played well with three men marking him the whole game.

        1. says: Kevin

          It Were a Tored up real madrid team they met, hats of for barca, but manchester utd has been consistent for the past two years, and they have an incredible squad deapth, i don’t beleive it’s gonna be a matter of ronaldo vs messi, but each teams managers, guardiola is new on the stage, and ferguson, and man utd is more experienced, after all they won the final last year, and i bet they will win this one as well.

        2. says: Kevin

          boost, no one can shine while being marked up by 3 men?
          and EPL actually have great defences. so please, i’m not here to critisize anyone or anything, i respect barca and their good (and beautiful) game, but face the fact, the off form eto’o and messi? henry and iniesta just back from injury? a a quarantine-strucked barca deffence? don’t say they will win for sure?

          and dont say that barca defeated real madrid 6-2?
          this is a champions league final, not a 2nd squad, and a torn up real madrid?

          i beleive ronaldo will score cause of the (weak) deffence.
          he will get a lot of space on the wings, break free, or receive a free kick and most likely score just once, maybe twice, if he’s in a goal scoring mood

          it’s bad for the final, but man utd are very clear fav’s and most likely winners.

          as far as i know, a complete player (ronaldo) is always better than a single-footed dribbler… (messi)

  18. says: Zizou wannabe

    Man U fan, Messi fan, adidas fan…

    Sell Ronaldo to Real or whoever… Man U will remain great without him.

  19. says: sbe7

    if you compare to age messi is way better, how good did ronaldo play when he was 22? he didn’t play so good because he only did his little tricks! so therfore messi is best he has also played best this season! but i do like nike best : )


  20. says: Hyperion

    Ronaldo will have the greater impact on the final because he will get a lot more joy from Barca’s makeshift defence than Messi will against the likes of Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand if he is fit.

  21. says: lionel

    messi is better than ronaldo…ronaldo is good but not better than the KING LIONEL ANDRE MESSI…


    1. says: Kevin

      you clearly don’t know anything about the world talent of football, ive seen them both play (real matches) and in terms of technique and skill, ronaldo is by far better.
      and he is great at FK’s set pieces and penalties…
      also in the aereal part!

      1. says: Boost

        You clearly don’t know anything about football!
        p.s messi scored a header in the final and ronaldo got angry!

        1. says: Kevin

          yes, but i’ll just ask you where ferdinand were at?
          infact, where was manchester? this was a bad final, seen from a neutrals point of view,
          besides, i’m not here to learn a 12 year old about football am i? take of your red and blue glasses, then we can start talkin football.. ok?

  22. says: adu

    sbe7 i recall ronaldo of age 22 being the best in the premier league notching 23 goals and a pearl of a free kick against europe xi and also scoring countless important goals on our way to winning the epl

  23. says: ba4life

    messi proved today that he is the better player, he was amazeing and even scored to reward his hard work

    while ronaldo sat and cried the entire game

  24. says: jj

    sorry, didn’t i put, “maradonna 2 is twice the player ronaldo is, with a twice as good/professional/likeable and respectable attitude.

    ronaldo is a cry baby when he doesn’t get his own way – not the attitude of a role model or a legend”

    earlier in this post??

    how come you’ve only just realised that ronaldo is a big baby??????

    1. says: Carlosmwanza

      all you guys can hate all you want, Messi is here to stay. Ronaldo is not even close to him, the earlier u accept this the  

  25. says: bob da rasclarrt builder

    it was a all nike final.buh ronaldo didnt turn up.messi the adidas sponser did turn up an won the game for barca

    i luv ronaldo and i love nike

    i luv manchester united

  26. says: Garrett

    I think ronaldo has gotten too big compared to a couple of years ago when he was at his fastest and he doesn’t realize that he’s slower but stronger and doesn’t know how to use his strength yet. Anyways if he was still at man u fergy would have kept him under control

  27. says: erik

    ronaldos better. he works 10x harder and w/o him real madrid wuld be trash. anybody who likes messi just likes barcelona…. its just a team effort not just him…. at the internaational level hes trash, anybody cant say the same about ronaldo

    1. says: I

      Messi personal achievements this season(2012)
      New world record for most goals in a season (beating Gerd MĂĽllers 1973 previous sensational record)
      New record for most goals in a Champions league season
      New Spanish/Europian record for most goals in La Liga(beating Dudu Georgescu 1977 record in less games than CR7)
      + he’s made more assists and is more effective measured on goals per attempt than CR7

      Messi clubtitles this season(2012)
      FIFA World Championship for clubs
      (Spanish Cup winners or runners up)
      UEFA Super Cup
      Spanish Super Cup

      Ronaldo personal achievements this season(2012)
      Ronaldo clubtitles this season(2012)
      Spanish Championship

  28. says: Steven

    Here’s one good point. Who’s played in the EPL and Spanish League andmdominated both? Messi is too scared to come to the EPL because he would get crushed

  29. says: Seamus

    Ronaldo scored 42 goals in a season against physical , solid Premier League defenders. However Messi is scoring 46 goals against the worst defenders ever , i mean outside of Real and Barca the Liga defenders are just plain sack.
    No doubt Messi is awesome , but the entire team is built to have him as an outlet and Ronaldo has moved between clubs , still scoring 33 goals in his debut season. Ronaldo is also more complete because of his fantastic 2-footedness and aerial ability. He is also improving his workrate , and now defends far more than before , and his awesome speed and free kicks just elevate him above messi

    1. says: KEK

      Athletico Bilbao, a team struggling in 7th/8th in La Liga beat United in the Europa league, supposedly the best this country have to offer. The EPL is not the best league in the world anymore, why does he need to prove himself in the league. He’s destroyed every english side he’s faced in the CL, and small skillful players have thrived in the EPL this season, e.g Aguero, David Silva, Mata, Suarez. He would rip the league apart.

  30. says: 3awad

    Both are top players but Messi got I think 60 goals in 2010 for club and country and that is a lot considering Cristiano’s record for 2010. Anyway back to the subject, even though Messi didn’t score in the World cup, he set up all of Argentina’s goals. BTW I’m an Argentina fan for a long time and look at South Korea’s match he set up the own goals and Higuain’s Hat-trick. So Madrid Fans, Don’t even think about dissing out Messi’s International Statistics.

    But True to Seamus’s comment above me, The Prem’s defensive line is greater than the La Liga’s. So you’ve got to give Ronaldo Some Credit.

    Viva La Barca! Viva La United! Viva La Argentina!

  31. says: Arnold

    Well if you really look at statistics and what they have overall won you can clearly see whos better and has less years. The other day C.Ronaldo himself said Messi was the best player in the world, and if it’s coming from his mouth it means something. Just because you expect Messi to score in big games doesn’t mean he always will, do you remember the header against Man U? how about the chest goal against the best team from South America? How about in the 2007 season when he started off and made the 3 goals against Real Madrid which ended in a tie? or even the 4 goals he made against Arsenal himself? Remember that last minute amazing goal against Brazil? the assist against Portugal, beating Sub 20 final against Brazil? or the Olympics where he got a gold medal? how about Copa America? Messi is at an amazing pace and each year better which there is really no doubt as you can see for yourself? Last season who made the most goals? Who has won more Ballon d’ors? I won’t believe a word that La Liga sucks, Real Madrid and Barcelona make every team look small, you’re telling me every single one of those teams have defenders that suck?, you can see this seasons Messi has around 14 assists and how C.Ronaldo has less than half, they have same amount of goals but wait Messi has 3 less games? Who’s top scorer in Copa Del Rey? I mean if you are saying Messi sucks than try to compare C.Ronaldo’s trajectory with Messi’s tell me who sucks more…you can’t compare football players who shine that bright in today’s world because today football is much more difficult and they have both made a name for themselves, for all those hating on Messi or C.Ronaldo just try to be more considerate of what they have done, one of them has to be named better but they are already the best of this generation, so much pressure on their shoulders…it is undoubtable that both are the best of this generation.

  32. says: john ejeh

    messi is better now cos he got wonderful players around him,most especially xavi and iniester.which ronaldo doesnt have.note dat no xavi or iniester ,ofcos no messi.ronando will perform excellently well if he got players lik xavi and iniester too.both of them are extraodinary players.

    1. says: KEK

      Your right, because Ronaldo has no good players around him. Especially not Benzema, ozil, di maria, kaka, Alonso, Higuian, diarra, khedeira. No good players at all.

  33. says: Jonathan_g1988

    I think that something that mekes a player to be a player is the team they play for. Messi doesnt shine with Argentina National club. But he does with Barcelona because he has great team mates. and Ronaldo….  Well, Ronaldo is Ronaldo everywhere he goes…. hahaha

  34. says: Hamad

    Ronaldo is better because he has been scoring more goals in every competition than messi ronaldo has had a better 2013 than messi because messi has had a lot of injuries. REAL MADRID RULES BARCELONA DROOlS!!!!!

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