Can it get much worse for Liverpool fans?

Out of the League Cup, out of the Champions League, 12 points off the pace in the Premier League and now out of the FA Cup. Their only chance of silverware salvation this season now lies in the Europa Cup, a second rate competition with the also-rans and never-wozzes of Europe.

Their 2 – 1 home defeat in the FA Cup by Reading on Wednesday night was a new low. Just to put it in context, the Berkshire club are without a manager, haven’t won any of their last 5 league games and have spent almost the entire season in the Championship basement.

reading shock liverpool

Added to continued boardroom turmoil and the recent resignation of Tom Hicks Jr for sending an abusive email to a fan, it’s been a horrible few days.

Perhaps the time has come when the powers that be must look at the future of Rafael Benitez? Of course, we should remember that the Spaniard led the Merseyside club to one of their greatest triumphs, victory in the Champions League final against AC Milan. And that after being 3 – 0 down at half time. But that seems long time ago now.

Last season they only lost two league games all season but still failed to land the Premier League crown. Will they ever have a better chance? Probably not, certainly in the short term.

The consensus is that despite all the millions and millions that Benitez has spent, that Liverpool is a two-man team. But those two men, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard haven’t been firing on all cylinders and both were injured last night. A two man team without the two top men isn’t going anywhere.

So today on Footy Boots we pose this question. Is Rafael Benitez the right man to stay in charge of Liverpool?

You can vote now and also leave us a comment to explain as to how you came to your choice. [poll=32]

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  1. says: Barriecuda

    No. He is successful and last year he had them battling for the Premier League AND almost fought back a big deficit in a stunning CL clash vs Chelsea. His CV speaks for itself. He has had no support from the owners, has constantly had to work with scraps of transfer funds (even after raising his own money!) and has had to deal with Liverpool’s two most influential people having a very spotty injury record. While he has made some poor tactical choices this year, Liverpool fans would not be wise to turn away a stellar manager who simply needs more transfer funds to build a team that can compete at the level the Kop expects. Coming from an Arsenal fan.

  2. says: adam

    give him until the end of the season and see where liverpool come in the league. could still win the UEFA cup so that would be something. unfortunately the nature of managemnt these days means that rafa will probably be gone in the very near future. liverpool ought to think about this though, who would replace him? various names such as klinsmann, o’neill and jol have been touted but would they do a better job that benitez has done?

  3. says: Splinter09

    Bueno Bueno, Señor Benitez ha llegado la hora de partir.

    Well well, Mr. Benetiz I think is time to go back to Spain and rethink your tactics. Hercules F.C could do with your help. LOL

  4. says: MisterBroom12

    Rafa has managed to win silverware here and there for Liverpool which says a lot about his managing ability, but his tactics and policies have always been in question from fans and management and those trophy wins have always seemed to be from more of an underdog position than one of great power. Liverpool is not a club that should be looked at as an underdog and this season has finally proven that Rafa’s ways are very susceptible to results like this. He has done a valiant job in winning silverware for Liverpool but now it is time for him to move on. Many promises of Liverpool coming back strong from shock losses have resulted simply in more shock losses, he is actually very lucky he hasn’t been replaced yet.

  5. says: KK

    I honestly don’t think there is another manager who could do any better with the current squad. It’s a mess, and until the owners allow investment in players, it’s not going to be fixed.

  6. says: jimbob

    hard one to call. i am always a fan of keeping the manager and giving them a good crack at the whip. a few wins here and there and the view of most may well change, but should it? only three good trophy’s and has yet to produce a side that looks like it could with the EPL. most of the players brought in have been questionable and the best ones sold on excluding SG and FT.
    but after 350ish games he still has a 55% win record over the five and a half years in charge.
    do you leave it until the end of the season and see if he finishes in the top ten (sorry four) or do you get rid and give someone else half a year to get ready for next season.

  7. says: Hugh

    it took benitez 3 seasons to realise that benayoun was a quality player and it wasnt because benayoun played badly, he played well for liverpool. Babel is a class player but never gets given a proper chance. Rotation does not work, no one has confidence in themselves, they are under pressure to do well which is a recipe for disaster. The team is based around torres to the extreme that it doesnt actually work… torres and gerrard have to work incredibly hard in matches to salvage results, hence the injuries to both of them. He has to go, the results have been shocking and the team is good enough to compete, he could have done a lot better with £20 million than buy aquilani. a catalogue of mistakes dating a long time ago has lead to his downfall, the owners have to take a stand and sack him, either way the fans wont be happy because they just want the owners to go..

  8. says: Ezza

    He should go if Liverpool want to rescue their season. He had success with Riera down the wing and a very settled back four last season. He has failed to continue this winning formula. Moving Kuyt around like abus boy, relying on Gerrard and Torres. Even Stevie must be getting bored of saving his rear every match. No one understand what he’s doing tactically, and thats not a good sign. I’ll admit he has done pretty good things in the past but the future doesn’t look as bright. He should leave now before Liverpool going from worse to catastrophic.

  9. says: Sam

    Couldnt agree more with KK. Rafa knows the squad, he is a good manager as we have seen from the previous seasons. I dont think bringing in another manager into such a mess is very smart. A bit of luck and a fully fit squad and Liverpool will be back to winning ways. The players need to take some responsibility for the way they are playing too, the confidence is in them at the moment is at an all time low.

  10. says: st00ge!!!

    Rafa must go. the team has not played well at all this season and doesn’t look it going to improve. Alonso’s loss has hit liverpool very hard and now mascherano is out for a couple of weeks and lucas cant keep possession and he gives away to many fouls. i dont understand what rafa sees in him, he is absolutely shocking

  11. says: Mati

    rafa should leave this joke of a club. he’s done so much, yet they remain so stubborn and ungrateful. leave rafa, they dont appreciate you. leave and take with you nando torres, pepe reina, aquilani, riera, agger, aurelio, masche, pacheco and n’gog! let gerrard and cara run their clown team

  12. says: ronald.

    let’s face it rafa’s been shocking this season. when you look at the depth sides like arsenal have, liverpool are a joke in comparison. as much as it pains me to say it when gerrard or torres arent playing there is simply no liverpool. bring in a young manager, who plays with a new style and can manage youth accordingly. frankly im suprised he’s last this long considering mark hughes was sacked and city are in a much better position than the red men. all this coming from a liverpudlian.

  13. says: 0N3

    Would Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Carlo Ancelotti still be in a job if either there respective teams were in such a mess? A why the hell does Lucas seem to be one of the few guaranteed starting eleven for Liverpool. Is Benitez the onlt person who can see something special in him because i have never heard anyone else say anything good about him. Hes not even premiership material hes an average Championship player.

  14. says: Sam

    Do people actually watch Lucas play? Recently he has been one of Liverpool’s best players (I know thats not hard atm) but he keeps putting in a strong performance and thats why Benitez keeps playing him!

  15. says: Chirs

    Actually I urge everyone to watch Liverpool’s play and stats before you talk.
    Lucas is a good player, he may not be a world class player YET but he is still young 23 this year which is same as Gibson from manchester united.

    There has been TREMENDOUS improvements in the youth and reserves from what I see.
    one important thing to note is that Rafa seems to have a plan. For a “pass and move team” , players that have been bought seemed to fit into such a team like lucas, maxi , aquilani , Johnson, insua etc. They all are pretty pass and move unlike players like Alonso , which is why I believe this is one of the transition period , so that may explain the bad results recently. . Plus we have exciting youth coming up , pacheco , ngog , kelly , darby , nemeth etc. and those under 18s like LDV , ngoo etc.

    btw, Who said we were a two man team, we won tot 2-0 without both . We have been unlucky with injuries , now our wide man is back riera.

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