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Whether you’re thinking of switching to a new boot brand or you’ve simply not bought a new pair of football boots in a while, the level of choice on offer on the market at the moment is pretty intimidating.

Which boot is the best for your style of play? What will give you the most comfort for your foot shape? Are some boots better for some surfaces than others?

At, we’re pretty fortunate in the sense we get to at least try on most new releases and can compare and contrast a lot of the football boots on the market to their stablemates.

And as the good folk who subscribe to our Youtube channel have known for a little while now (and you could be one of them by clicking here), we’ve been gradually putting together handy buyers guys for all the big brands.

Now, with the new season under way and a whole host of new colourways just released (not to mention us starting to film the Nike edition), we thought it would be a great time to just give anyone who hasn’t had a watch of them yet a little heads-up that they exist.

We’ve had some great reactions and plenty of thoughtful commenting on our Youtube channel, and likewise, if you have any questions over any of the boots we look at in our buyer’s guides, don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

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