Footy Boots is brought to you by the following talented individuals;

Kyle Elliot

The main man for football boots! Kyle is our guru. He loves football boots so much he wears them around the house, down the pub and to the odd family gathering.

Not only is he a boot geek, but he can also write a mean article.

You can read Kyle’s bio here


Felipe Bazon

Felipe is our Spanish and South American correspondent. Born and brought up in Brazil and currently living in Spain he is well placed to give his up to date opinions on the game overseas.

You can read Felipe’s bio here

Ramsay Bell

When he’s not keeping the site up and running, Ramsay is often the man you’ll find behind all the football shirt coverage here on the site.

Having a vast collection of jerseys that he’s accumulated since he was a youngster, Ramsay’s the man in the know when it comes to kits and other football clobber.

You can read Ramsay’s bio here

Michael Dawes

Manager of a youth team, ‘Mike D’ has a passion for coaching. An opinionated writer, you’ll often find Michael reporting on matters close to his heart; grassroots football, the FA and dishing out top-tips on coaching.

You can read Michael’s bio here


Sandor Baku

Sandor is our video man. Liaising with brands and trawling the internet daily to bring the latest news to you via video. Sandor is also a talented video editor and maintains all the Footy Boots post production video’s.

Julie Taylor

Julie sources and writes several of the articles for Footy Boots. Primarily Julie works through brand press releases and new product information.

Phil Tomlinson

Phil is an expert a forecasting football matches and analysing bookmaking odds. Phil contributes with many of the match previews for Footy Boots.