10 Years Old Today!

Footy Boots 10

Exactly ten years ago, I wrote the very first post on Footy Boots.

April 11th 2006 – The First Bespoke Boot – Prior 2 Lever has this week unveiled its new leading edge football boot “The Assassin“, which claims to be the world’s first bespoke football boot.

Whilst ‘The Assassin” never really took off, Footy Boots a website all about football boots did.

5,500 articles have been written, hundreds of new boots reported on and of course millions of people have visited the website.

Although we’re based in the UK, we get visitors from all over the globe dropping in. For example, thanks to Google’s reporting I can see that yesterday we had people visit from over 120 countries. One visit came from a small peninsula of China called Macau and another from Saint Barthélemy, a small Caribbean Island with a population of 9,000.

When this website was first published it was because I couldn’t find a review for a football boot I had bought (Mercurial Vapor if you must know). I thought that void needed filling. That’s how it started, but over the years we’ve had some talented individuals develop Footy Boots. Andy Kay and Kyle Elliot are two who you may remember and stood out. Today the likes of Scott and Josh are the guys who are putting it in behind the scenes.

We’ve been involved in numerous boot and shirt launches, seen new brands coming and going. We’ve even interviewed some of the hottest footballers on the planet, Messi and Ronaldo you know who you are! However, without our regular readers and those that pop in every now and again it wouldn’t mean anything, so thank you very much for following.


Happy Birthday Footy Boots, here’s to the next 10!

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