Where Footballers are From in the Premier League | Infographic

Where Footballers Are From - Infographic

With the provisional thirty-man England squad set for announcement in a matter of hours, the conversation of the strength and depth of the squad will likely come under massive scrutiny (as is the routine with every major tournament).

Along with that is the standard conversations over playing time, level of competition and position in the squad for their club side – which always, always rolls around to the same question being asked: are there too many foreign players playing in the Premier League?

There’s plenty of pro’s and con’s for both sides: having foreign players in the league can sometimes¬†occupy positions in the starting eleven that would otherwise go to a home-grown youngster.

But at the same time, that wouldn’t be worth a jot if it weren’t for the foreign players raising the standard of the Premier League to where it is at the moment.

Find out where Premier League footballers are from

And so, with that in mind, specialist clothing retailers Jacamo have compiled a nifty infographic ahead of the squad announcement this afternoon, allowing¬†armchair analysts an at-a-glance look at not only how many foreign players there are in the English top flight at the moment, but also where they’re from; handy with so many players in the EPL heading to the World Cup.

Are you surprised by the numbers on show?

Or does this seam about right to you? Let us know in the comments!

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