The FA are on the march again! After their successful ‘Get into Football’ campaign from earlier in the year, the Football Association are aiming to encourage 50,000 new Level 1 coaches by 2011 and 8,000 new referees by 2012.

The campaign centres around the fact that many of the best local coaches and Sunday League refs don’t do what they do professionally; they’re normal people with day jobs who do what they do out of a love for the game.

The ads themselves are a parody of the ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks‘ line-up rounds, with the slightly cheesy music and announcer asking the audience to ‘Spot the Coach/Ref’ – in a line-up of inconspicuous looking people; and a couple of Red Herrings in Stuart Pearce and Chris Foy!

Lining up regular folk against Stuart Pearce and Chris Foy is great way to emphasise that people form all sorts of backgrounds and career paths are giving something back to their community by refereeing or coaching with their local sides.

Stuart Pearce, England coach and U21 manager, said: œThe really rewarding thing about being a coach is watching that improvement in players, coaching them during the week and seeing them put the skills they have learnt into practise during a game on any given Saturday. I would encourage anyone with a passion for football to discover how rewarding coaching can be.

Supporting The FA™s ˜Football Needs™ campaign Premier League and 2010 FA Cup Final referee Chris Foy is excited by the unveiling of The FA™s first ever advertising creative focused on encouraging those who enjoy the game to get into refereeing.

He said: œHaving joined the police force at 21 refereeing provided me with a great opportunity to stay in the game that I love while at the same time pursuing my  professional career. It doesn™t matter if you™re refereeing at Old Trafford, Anfield or Stamford Bridge the same fundamentals and enjoyment of refereeing apply whatever the level.

So the only remaining question is – Could you be a Referee or Coach? If you think you can, head over to the FA’s Football Needs Me website and see how you can sign up!

Do you coach already? Or are you going your refereeing qualifications? Let us know how you’re finding it!

Equally, if you’re not coaching or ref’ing – why not? Are there any barriers that stop you from signing up?

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  1. says: zc

    I am getting my refereeing qualifications for the upcoming coming season, (where i’m from the football season just ended) and I think anyone who is truly enthusiastic about football should. It is good for many reasons, hear are 4:
    It helps me keep fit (I play aswell)
    It pays well, you can be admiring the beutiful game and get paid, you can get the same amount reffing as you would working at a fast food joint
    It helps you become a better player by seeing what makes these teams play well
    You can get to a really high level if you want

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