PES fans the world over are wetting their lips in anticipation of the latest piece of Downloadable Content (DLC) to hit their football game of choice, but we’re (as always) focusing on the new football boots it brings to the fore!

Konami are readying the latest batch of PES2011 DLC, which will contain updated football boots and new kits for the likes of Spain and Sweden

Whilst Konami’s official Press Release will tell you that the impending March 15th update will bring all teams up to date with the winter transfers, improved defender A.I for more consistent pressing and tweaks to the difficulty of the rainbow flick – but we want to give you a run down of the new football boots lined up for the your digital incarnation’s feet!

As of the March 15th update, the new football boots available will be:


CTR360 II – Challenge Red/White
Superfly II – Black/Circuit Orange
T90 Laser III – Black/Electric Green


F50 adiZero Prime – Warning Orange/White/Black
adiPure IV – Scarlett/White/Black
Predator_X – White/ Macaw Green


PowerCat 1.10 – Black/Aged Silver
v1.10 – White/Black/Pompeiian Red


Speciali R – Black/Amber
STII (Stealth Pro II) – White/Royal


As well as some swanky new football boots, the update also contains Spain’s new Home kit from adidas and Sweden’s sash-tacular new away kit from Umbro.

Again, whilst many here at’s game of choice is FIFA, credit where credit’s due – Konami seems to have a great relationship with the major brands and can keep their game’s football boots and kits bang up to date!

Looking forward to the update? Any boots you’d like to see before the end of the season?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Tito993

    I agree that FIFA is a better game but I think that PES has them beat in regards to these updates. Most of the players on FIFA still use the same outdated equipment from the original release.

    I think FIFA could use an update like this to boost its rep even higher with an “up to date” feeling.


  2. says: Trifl

    I’m a HUGE fan of the FIFA Series, but Konami has us beat on this aspect. The closest thing we’ve got to a relevant DLC Update was the updated World Cup Kits for FIFA 2010. It’s also a bummer that the game comes with so few selections of genuine boots. Nike has a selection of only one colourway of their boots! Puma just has the PWRCat and the V1.10. Lotto the Zhero and Reebok has a minimum amount as well. It’d be nice to have more variety!!

  3. says: kuuku

    I don’t see why people always come pointing out that Fifa is better. Is that in doubt at all? What is the point of claiming it afresh each and every time? Why not appreciate Konami for the good effort they are putting into getting up-to-date kits and boots for us the consumers to enjoy?

    I play both games and PES needs to improve it’s fluidity and it will be good to play.

  4. says: Hizlimax

    I have been playing both games for almost over 15 years and Konami is by far the superior developer. PES feels like a real soccer game and its more unique. Imo its one of the best video game series ever and keeps developing every year. Fifa is still for 10 year olds very easy to pick up and lacks the reality feel of gameplay. I watch with surprise how people are favoring fifa. Its very easy to pick flaws in video games and point them out but overall PES has always been the king and will continue that way. MLO rocks and these boot updates are a great way to keep things fresh.

  5. says: CK

    I’d like them to release some classic boots – World Cup, Copas, Tiempos and so forth.

    I know there is little marketing merit in that but it would be nice to have the option, too.

    Oh, and PES every time. The last two have not been as good as before, but it’s still infinitely more realistic than the FIFA franchise of games.

  6. says: William

    FIFA has a better innovation in the game and gameplay, two items that were promised in PES 2011 but ended up not having many changes.
    However, the PES has much more sharply defined graphics than FIFA as well as having updates (even though time consuming) more frequent equipment, teams and uniforms.
    There is still a “drive robotics, ” made ​​at dribbling in FIFA.

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