It’s the time of the year for looking back. With the New Year fast approachinjg, it feels right somehow to take your foot off the gas pedal and spend a few hours thinking about what has has gone before as opposed to what might be lying in wait in 2010.

As such, here at Footy Boots, we’ve compiled our list of Top 20 Football Boots of the Decade.

This has nothing to do with sales figures, advertising spend or ambassador endorsements. It’s just our very subjective choice of what we’ve enjoyed wearing over the past 10 years.

Today it’s number 20 down to 16. Make sure you check back in to Footy Boots on Xmas Day for our selections numbering 15 – 11.

football boots of the decade 20

Reebok Sprintfit Lite Pro

The Sprintfit range has continued to divide opinion across its lifespan. Some have dismissed them as Reebok’s ‘Me-too’ attempt at a speed boot.

reebok sprinfit lite pro

But there are diehards out there that insist that the two-piece sole, lovingly crafted insole and Teijin upper (that’s right – the same material as Nike’s Vapor line!) is more than a cash-in. Two years after the original, the line is still going from strength to strength and the Bolton based brand have a real competitor in the speed boot market.

football boots of the decade 19

PUMA v-Konstrukt II

The v-Konstrukt II was PUMA doing something a little bit different to the rest of the industry. Rather than attempting to improve your game, the v-Konstrukt II was designed to prolong it.

puma v koinstrukt ii

With a really hefty heel counter and the DuoCell cushioning system (a long lasting remnant from the PUMA Cellerator Shudoh, remember those?!) the idea was to reduce stress on the shins and ankles whilst running and protect the heels and Achilles tendon from impact injuries.

football boots of the decade 18

A-Line Ultra World Cup.

Two words: Gianfranco Zola. And I’m not even a Chelsea fan.

a line world cup ultra

If it’s good enough for Zola, then the specially treated water repellent K-Leather upper, anti-slip buffalo leather lining and classic styling will make them good enough for you too!

football boots of the decade 17

Lotto Cafu Vento 2

Prior to the days of releasing 18 different boots (not really) in around 7 hours (again, not really) and thinking Twist’n’go technology is a good idea (sorry, that one’s true!) Lotto had something of a revered spot in my heart.

lotto vento cafu

Seemingly exclusive to continental football, you never saw them in the Premiership – you only saw them on the feet of legendary Italian, Spanish and Brazilian players when you watched Football Italia with your Dad in the 90’s.

Chief among these untouchables was Cafu, and after moving to AC Milan in 2004 he was rewarded with his signature Vento boots.

football boots of the decade 16

Adidas F50

Rising from the ashes of the ill-fated ‘XLine’ in 2004, the F50 started the trend of completely hiding the laces, providing a bigger surface area for better ball-to-foot contact; a legacy that’s prevalent in boots like the Mizuno Wave Ghost & Puma v1.10.

adidas f50 original

It was also adidas’ raising their game to show they had more in their locker than just the Predator range.

Don’t forget. Numbers 15 – 11 in our Festive count down will be published on Xmas day.

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  1. says: Matthew

    Those f50’s look really nice but I’ve never even seen them before. They’re just so sleek and hot. Way better than those f50i’s they have out right now.

  2. says: Kyle

    Matthew – I’m hoping we’ll see a lot more ‘forgotten’ designs of boots!

    Ryan – were the ones after those f50’s the ‘Spider’ ones? They were sweet! I never had a pair but a mate of mine had the black, white & red ones and they were so slick!

  3. says: MisterBroom12

    While they are ultimately the same boot other than the colorway and I am just nitpicking, your picture is just the Vento and not the Cafu Vento, his are Gold.

  4. says: fizz

    oh man those f50’s look really, really cool..but maybe instead of the three-striped “crest” on the top, they could’ve just thrown in a simple adidas logo? or maybe a trefoil, that would be pretty nice as well. but its a really nice looking boot

  5. says: martincillo

    wow i didnt remember that f50 !!!
    i remember the black and withe one, beautiful boots, by the way really good selection of boots, waiteng for the next 5!

  6. says: kuuku

    lol funny how the lotto boots have a picture of cafu writhing in pain on the ground…as if it were twist and go that wrecked his leg.

    Also: I love the look of those f50’s. I’m not big on a boot’s looks but these are the most superb looking boots I have seen in a while. i would feel privileged to wear those on my feet. Are the fg versions still being sold?

    1. says: Dsweiger84

      I’ve only spent big money on cleats once and it was the original F50, not the crap the have under same name now. It is literally an orgasm on your foot. I still have them and still in great shape!

  7. says: kuuku

    I saw them on ebay too. Great minds think alike! Unfortunately i couldn’t find any in my size (44) and it makes no sense to buy boots that won’t fit me. 🙁

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