As we prepare to enter a new decade, we’ve been looking back at our favourite boots from 2000 to 2009.

We’ll let you know about our top 5 on Friday (but feel free to leave us a comment below if you’d like to guess which boots are on that list) but before that, this is what Kyle and team came up with for the products which we placed from 10 down to 6.' 

Just to remind you of the ground rules – we were only able to select a total of 4 boots from our ‘top’ manufacturer and 3 from all the others and only 1 pair of boots per range.

Click here to see 20 – 16 and here for 15 down to 11.

footy boots top 20 football boots of the decade concave pt+

Concave PT+

I know what you might be thinking but just hang on a tick. Concave are an inspiration to any company starting out. Diving headfirst into one of the most competitive industries world, Concave have stuck by both their famous ‘four pillars of performance’ (improved accuracy, power, protection and control) and by their unorthodox design.

football boots of the decade concave pt+

The PT+ put everything right that the original PT1 had wrong with it (not least the sweet spot rubbing the top of your toes) and offered up a leather upper to boot. Slowly but surely acquiring some names behind the product (John O’Shea for instance) we at Footy Boots would suggest that Concave may well have more than one boot on next decade’s list.

football boots of the decade ctr360 maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri

Nike were scoffed at when the rumours were they were introducing another boot to their line-up. But 3 months down the line and CTR360 has more new adopters than any new line of boots since the original Predator – and with good reason.

football boots of the decade nike ctr360 maestri

As we experienced first-hand in our review, the Maestri is one of the most comfortable boots Nike have ever produced, and the technical aspects of the boot are outstanding.

football boots of the decade 8 diadora lx k pro

Diadora LX K Pro

When you’re looking for the best boots, sometimes it’s as easy as looking for the best players; and they don’t come much better than Francesco Totti.

football boots of the decade 15 lx k pro

AS Roma’s finest has pretty much stuck by Diadora just as he’s stuck by his club and has had his pick of their flagship boots. For me it was a choice of the sleek, flash Maximus released in 2006, or the more recent released classic styling of the LX K Pro. Just looking at the LX K Pro was enough to swing my vote though, classic soft K-Leather, elasticated tongue and solid heel counter – all without looked dated and frumpy like so many other boots from smaller companies do. It’s easy to see why Diadora are continuing to produce these into the new decade.

football boots of the decade 7 reebok integrity 07

Reebok Integrity

The 2007 Reebok Integrity is an often overlooked boot. Released around the time that Reebok’s silo of boots was exploding (over the next 18 months Reebok would release the Instante, two Sprintfits and the Valde Pro) the Integrity was a true footballer’s boot.

football boots of the decade reebok integrity 07

Free of gimmicks or unnecessary flash the Integrity boasted the softest grade K-Leather, rock solid heel counter and elasticated lace cover – the Integrity can give the Tiempo Legend and Speciali a run for their money in the modern classic category.

football boots of the decade 6 adidas adipure

adidas adiPure

It was a tough call on which of adidas’ modern-classic boots to choose; the adiPure I or II. Eventually settling on the original adiPure, I can’t believe I even considered the second.

football boots of the decade adidas adipure

On a personal level, I loved the fit – the more ‘standard’ lacing system was exactly what a boot with the word ‘pure’ in it’s name should be about. Even the little touches on the boot, like the bronze badges on the cuff not only avoided feeling gimmicky, but miraculously added to the retro appeal.

So that’s our 10 to 6. make sure you check back in to Footy Boots on New Years Day for the top 5 football boots of the decade.

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  1. says: Mike

    @AJ, it’s for the entire decade not just the past couple of years. Superflys only came out recent and the concave was pretty innovative. Not everything on here is just to satisfy nike vapour CR7 fanboys.

  2. says: jim grimes

    Heartfelt thanks to Footy Boots for this recognition and feedback. Placing Concave PT + in the Top 10 is a great reward for our team’s vision and diligence in working to improve the game. We also congratulate Footy Boots for their fairness and courage in including the pioneering, up-and-coming Concave brand amongst the established industry giants (where our ardent supporters have already placed us). Thanks also for your confidence that Concave boots will continue to evolve as top choices for dedicated footballers. 15% more power to you!!
    Jim Grimes, CEO
    Concave Sports
    [email protected]

  3. says: daniel

    top 5- Vapor 3’s,predator manias,Puma Kings,Legends 1, Laser 1. I would definately put copas in there but they havent exactly come out this decade. Powerswerves and pred x’s should get a mention too.

  4. says: lllleeeeooo

    the top 5 will surley be……

    1.)Adidas predator powerswerve
    2.)Nike mercurial vapor IV
    3.)Adidas predator Mania
    4.)Nike total90 laser II
    5.)Adidas f50i sprintskin/leather

  5. says: raul from mexico

    they will be:
    5.- adidas predator X
    4.- adias F50 tunit
    3.- Nike mercurial vapor 4
    2.- umbro specialli
    1.- Nike tiempo legend 2

  6. says: martincillo

    not in respective order…

    -mercurial vapor III
    -laser I
    -it hard but the predator absolute or pulse or mania =P
    -puma v1.06 (fu*k the v1.08 was in the top 20 right ?, then the puma king xl)
    -umbro speciali (some version =P)

  7. says: Eric

    lllllleeeeooooo that’s impossible because they can only pick one predator (which will surely be the mania), but how could they possibly put the F50s #1? they’re great boots but #1 has to be k-leather or teijin microfiber. i’m thinking the Laser IVs will be #1 with the manias as #2.

  8. says: Connor Wallace

    my money’s on Vapor IIIs being on top as they started the tejin revolution. but i want to throw five shoes out that i feel footy boots may have neglected because theyre less prominent in the epl than other leagues.

    -Mizuno Wave Ghost
    Lighter than the vapor Vs and had the Kuraray k-leather mimicking synthetic before nike’s kanga-lite came out.

    -Asics Lethal
    If you dont watch serie a regularly you may not have heard of them but theyve made a fair impact over there

    -Diadora Maximus
    Danny Guiza showed us what these puppies can do and i think theyre more comforable than the LXs all do respect to totti

    -Joma Total Fits
    Another baby i threw in there (but then again ctr360s made the top 10) and while a keeper is theyre spokesman they score some goals too.

    – Puma King XL
    If these are in the top five ill put my foot in my mouth (but theyre not quite that amazing in my opinion… 15th at most) but these were almost equally as popular as the nike legends for a period and while they dont have a hefty price tag, theyre quality boots.

    …Hopefully we can get some stimulating debate on that…

  9. says: wendal

    a quick well done to concave apprehensive at first however having worn the boots am an avid disciple look forward to the next generation

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