Football Boots – Nike Mercurial Vapor II

Football Boots - Nike Mercurial Vapor II FGFor two weeks now, I have been testing the Nike Mercurial Vapor II FG football boot. At around £120 it’s the most expensive pair of football boots I have owned.

When I first received the boot, I couldn’t wait to try it in a competitive match.

The football boots came with a nice boot bag and a flyer telling me it is made of Nike skin and will make me run 10% faster. The boots are extrememly light and the texture, at first feels strange, almost plastic like.

I’ve got quite a thin foot, so some football boots don’t fit me very well. This football boot seems to fit me just great though, nice and tight, yet not so tight that it causes any discomfort.

So onto the competitive tests. In total I’ve worn the football boots in 4 games now. As expected after the first couple of games, my feet were a bit sore. Particulalry as the ground has hardened up a bit of late. Games 3 and 4 and the football boots feel a lot more comfortable.

When I first went on the pitch with these football boots, they felt incredibly light, but after a short while you get used to the feeling. Being light, they do give you the feeling that you are moving faster, but I think thats where the additional speed ends.

Overall I think this is a good football boot, but for the price I expect more.

Pro’s: Stylish, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip

Con’s: Expensive, Not Available in Plain Black

Verdict: Take them as a gift, but don’t pay top prices for the football boots.

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  2. says: Ben

    I bought these boots last year and have worn them in over 40 competetive matches now and at no point have i felt as if these boots had lived up to there price tag. The main flaw i found was the comfort they give me blisters every time i wear them even now after i’ve worn them so may times! Despite this when using them you do feel as if you have added speed due to there light weight and tight fit. Definately not worth paying major cash for, i would recomend a more comfortable boot such as the ones provided by Adidas.

    If you’re fast you’re fast.

  3. says: Matt

    I got these boots a while back and even though they are very light, they are definately not worth the blisters i suffered after almost every game (i had to borrow a mates boots when i played in a tournament otherwise i would have died). If you really want to get a light boot, get the puma v1.06.

  4. says: Sanchez

    I got these boots for Christmas for 40 quid. They looked great and felt nice, but the toe box was too hard, square and high. I wore them for my team’s pre-season and they split at the sole before the season started! I preferred my Nike Vapor 1. A similar boot which feels much better, and is just as light as the Adidas F30.6.

  5. says: Coops

    I loved these football boots until I bought a pair of Nike Legends. Now every time I try and play in them I end up switching back to my Legends 5 minutes before kick off. I think i need to get a new pair in a bigger size, or maybe i need to leave the light weight footy boots behind me now 🙁

  6. says: Izici

    They look real nice…no doubts about that. I run pretty fast while playing.. and these football boots make me run AND dribble faster and better…woooosh…oops.. I’ll score a goal first and be right back to help you up 😉 That’s how it is with these football boots on. Excellent control and traction combined with the lightweight means you change directions faster with more precision. A warning though… they nip on the back of your heels like something fierce the first 2-3 games.. then you get used to the pain… hahaha.. just kidding. After 2-3 games, they just feel like extra skin on your feet with moulded soles.

    All in all…a good solid 9.99 out of 10.

  7. says: baros:D

    These football boots are very light,and shape your foot beautifully. I don’t understand how you get blisters? I guess the football boot is not for your foot. But everytime I wear them I feel like i’m wearing nothing and feel like i’m in clouds, the movement when you get the ball is extraordinary you have fast feet, and feel like your, Ibrahimovic, or Ronaldo. But these football boots crack all around, and look bad when they’re used, but in performance 10/10.

  8. says: MARKUS!!!

    can anyone tell me where i can get a pair of the vapor 1s or 2s doesnt matter the price or color. i had a pair of the orange ones vapor 1s and i fell in love with the boots they were so comfortable and i wish i had bought more please email me and let me know if you have any knowledge of a site or someone that is selling them!

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