Football Boots – Nike Mercurial Vapor II

Football Boots - Nike Mercurial Vapor II FGFor two weeks now, I have been testing the Nike Mercurial Vapor II FG football boot. At around £120 it’s the most expensive pair of football boots I have owned.

When I first received the boot, I couldn’t wait to try it in a competitive match.

The football boots came with a nice boot bag and a flyer telling me it is made of Nike skin and will make me run 10% faster. The boots are extrememly light and the texture, at first feels strange, almost plastic like.

I’ve got quite a thin foot, so some football boots don’t fit me very well. This football boot seems to fit me just great though, nice and tight, yet not so tight that it causes any discomfort.

So onto the competitive tests. In total I’ve worn the football boots in 4 games now. As expected after the first couple of games, my feet were a bit sore. Particulalry as the ground has hardened up a bit of late. Games 3 and 4 and the football boots feel a lot more comfortable.

When I first went on the pitch with these football boots, they felt incredibly light, but after a short while you get used to the feeling. Being light, they do give you the feeling that you are moving faster, but I think thats where the additional speed ends.

Overall I think this is a good football boot, but for the price I expect more.

Pro’s: Stylish, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip

Con’s: Expensive, Not Available in Plain Black

Verdict: Take them as a gift, but don’t pay top prices for the football boots.


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