Footy Boots Launched – The First Bespoke Boot

Prior 2 Lever (P2L) has this week unveiled its new leading edge football boot “The Assassin“, which claims to be the world’s first bespoke football boot. prior 2 lever assassin

Although other football boots on the market allow you to personalise your boots with colour or by adding a name to your boot “The Assassin football boot is built to fit your foot individually, by scanning the foot to get exact measurements.

What a great move forward this is. Imagine taking to the field with a football boot that has been designed specifically for your foot and not just a football boot with the correct length. I have quite a thin foot with a high bridge, so have always found football boots to take either a long time to wear in, or have had to give them up before they have worn out.

The boot is said to also please the eye, as colour, style design and texture can be added. Another bonus in my book, as I favour the traditional plain black boot, like the picture shows.

The Assassin” football boots are available now, exclusively through appointment with P2L at their London clinic email [email protected]

P2L have a website, but it has nothing more than their contact details on display at this time.

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  1. says: eL-nEgRo

    hhhmmm…. I sure want to try them.
    It’s a bit pricy but I wouldn’t mind if they can really do the job, I love plain blank boots so it’s very interesting.

    1. says: orlando

      i have bought a pair of these
      and only cost £10,000 !
      i had mine in a blue and white and have the tounge covered and laces
      they were desighned my myself and the desighn team
      they look amazing
      i played in them and… they broke after 2 games they gave me blisters and wernt worth the hassel going to get them

  2. says: jimbobbarrett

    i am sure this is a wonderful product but at the price its not going to happen, well not very often. Puma offer the same at ÂŁ1500 on the power cat, so why would anyone go to that kind of price tag?!! most people that could justify that money on football boots get the same service and get paid to wear them. great idea but my wallet is staying shut on this one

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