Poll Results: Do football boots contribute to foot injuries?

The results are in for the Footy Boots poll on whether modern football boots contribute to football players’ foot injuries.

Following Wayne Rooney’s (Nike Total 90 Laser) foot fracture, Joey Barton (Nike Total 90 Laser) metatarsals, and Stevie G (Adidas Predator Absolute) and his broken toe, we asked you the question :

Do you think modern football boots contribute to foot injuries?

With voting now closed, a very tight result saw 53% of Footy-Boots voters being of the opinion that modern football boots do not contribute to foot injuries, and 47% believing that modern football boots are one of the causes of the recent spate of foot injuries.

It seems that Footy-Boots visitors are not the only football boot experts that are agreeing to disagree.

Football boots contribute to foot injuries – the experts opinion.

football boots injuries

Of the opinion that modern football boots contribute to foot injuries, is ex Liverpool winger Craig Johnston, who created the Adidas Predator. Johnston believes that it is only a matter of time before a player gets so badly injured that he sues a major football boot brand.

Carlisle United’s physio, Neil Dalton, was on the sidelines watching his team take on Newcastle United in a pre-season friendly, when Joey Barton suffered his metatarsal fracture whilst wearing his bladed Nike Total 90 Lasers. Dalton believes that modern football boots don’t have enough protection, which is possibly why we’re seeing more of this kind of injury.

Sir Alex Ferguson is such a critic of the new type of lightweight bladed football boots that he has banned his players from wearing them.

Football boots don’t contribute to foot injuries – the experts opinion.

Needless to say, the major football boot brands are of the opinion that football boots are not the cause of the recent spate of foot injuries.

Charlie Brooks, Head of Corporate Communications for Nike, has gone on record saying both Nike and Wayne Rooney are absolutely confident that the Nike Total 90 Laser had nothing to do with the England striker’s injury. He went on to remark that one-fifth of Premiership players were wearing the Nike Total 90 Laser on the first weekend of the Premiership season, a pretty impressive market share for the Nike football boot brand.

Wayne Rooney himself had extensive input into the design of the Total 90 Laser , as well as being part of the development testing process.

It does seem as shown in the Footy Boots poll, that those who know their Footy Boots, will always find foot injuries / metatarsals a contentious discussion point.

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  1. says: boB

    footballers seem to play a superficial part in being seen as invincible with a specific pair of boots and even a specific type of clothing as they act like celebritys who dont know how to take proper care of their physical bodys. in general theres a lot of various things that contribute to getting injured and people get easily blind sided of one thing or another. maybe a holistic approach this required here? sorry if ive been blunt, do hope there will be some real certainity out of all the confusion and a load of varying opinions.

  2. says: Saul

    I have been working as the senior musculoskeletal specialist at health and performance for almost then last decade. We treat many pro footballers. The boot design is flawed but it is not the only verible that causes foot injuries.

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