Football boots are becoming more and more advanced with each manufacturers latest release.

The following brief guide highlights the difference between the more common soleplates found on football boots.

Moulded football bootsMoulded Studs

Football boots with moulded studs, are usually best used on dry pitches. They tend to have more studs than other football boots and provide better support over a wider area, also reducing blisters.

Bladed Football Boots


Football boots with a bladed soleplate are most frequently used on surfaces which are somewhere between soft and hard, although some bladed football boots now have interchangeable blades to better suit the surface.

Screw In Stud Football BootsScrew-In Studs

Most popular with the amateur, the screw-in studded boot can be interchanged dependant on the conditions. For example in wet conditions with very soft ground, you would want long studs, in dryer conditions a shorter stud.