So, after months of preparation and seemingly-endless hype, the day of the Royal Wedding has arrived! And to celebrate the occasion (not that many of us are particularly bothered, mind…) we’ve compiled a collection of football boots fit for a King! Or Prince! Or Princess!


Hummel PIO FGX counts down it's top 5 most Royal football boots in a Royal Wedding Special

Resplendent in White & Gold, we think that these cleats from Danish brand Hummel are befitting of any member of the Royal Family.

The gold-effect glass fibre heel counters make sure that this is super-stable as well as stylish, and the FGX firm ground combination stud traction outsole with DYNAsymm chassis and hGRIP pivot point studs give optimum traction on tricky surfaces.

Sure, the laser-etched pattern on the goatskin upper is more Kate Middleton’s Louis Vuitton handbag than wedding dress, but we think these are among the most regal football boots ever produced.

Kelme Swarovski counts down it's top 5 most Royal football boots in a Royal Wedding Special

What’s any Royal family without a set of Crown jewels!?

Kelme bring the bling to the party with these Swarovski-encrusted football boots, based on their classic central-laced upper and FG chassis.

This pair of cleats is definitely lacking in the tech-specs department, but when it comes to flash and prestige they’re certainly hard to beat! You might well have to be a Royal to afford them, though, as at £350 – there aren’t many football boots with a more fitting price-tag!


Puma King XL counts down it's top 5 most Royal football boots in a Royal Wedding Special

As if we were ever going to make a ‘Royal Football Boots‘ list and not include the Puma King!

Whilst any pair of Puma Kings would fit the bill, we’re looking back to the White/Gold/Black colourway from early 2010 in this instance, as the colourway is definitely suited to the boot’s name.

Definitely the most successful of all the football boots on this list so far, we reckon the simple K-Leather upper, neat central lacing system and squared off toes also make them some of the most stylish football boots ever produced! So stylish, perhaps, William could get away with wearing them down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. Maybe.

Pantofola D’Oro Lazzarini Azzuri

Literally translated as ‘The Golden Slipper’, there’s already something noble about the very name of these football boots.

The stately appearance comes from them being one of the few football boots that are hand-made by master Italian craftsmen – making them perfectly suitable for Royal feet.

With so many white and gold boots in this piece, why go for the Azzurri colourway? It’s Royal Blue, of course!

adidas Predator Absolute+ – Zidane exclusive counts down it's top 5 most Royal football boots in a Royal Wedding Special

A true classic of the footballing world, the adidas Predator is an imperious name in the world of football boots – as was the man who wore this particular pair.

Whilst some brands add a splash or trim of gold to their football boots, adidas decided that the best way to celebrate the World Cup Final and final game of Zizou’s career was with this all-gold pair of Predators.

Whilst these boots didn’t particularly have a ‘happily ever after’, there’s no doubting their highbrow credentials!

And that’s our list of Royal football boots!

Have you got any you’d like to add?

Let us know in the comments!

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