Football Boots, Donate Them!

In case you missed the programme and sometimes I do, Blue Peter that old stalwart of children’s television have launched their latest appeal.

football boots donateIt’s called “Shoe Biz Appeal” and it’s being backed by “Golden Balls”, David Beckham.

Through the Shoe Biz Appeal, Blue Peter hopes to raise money to help the children of Malawi who have been orphaned by AIDS and who are extremely poor. The Shoe Biz Appeal will be working with children’s charity UNICEF to set up many more “Children’s Corners” in Malawi. Children’s corners are vital because they give children the chance to play, have fun and take time off from looking after themselves and their brothers and sisters alone. Children’s Corners can also help them to deal with the loss of their Mums and Dads and encourage them to find ways to remember them.

The Shoe Biz Appeal will raise money by recycling old shoes and every single pair of shoes, boots (of course football boots), and trainers will make a difference.

Here’s your chance to help a really worthwhile cause and clear out those unused football boots, from under the cupboard! Clark’s shoe shops are taking part so it’s really easy just collect your pairs of shoes and take them to you nearest branch, check here for more collection points in your area, or to visit the supporting website, click here.

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