Every so often, we get something that’s timelessly cool here on – an article we could have posted 10 years ago, or 10 years ahead and it would still be moreorless the same and still as interesting.

football boots

In this case, it’s something adidas have put together ahead of their end-of-year results in a meeting next Tuesday, and it’s an insight into the production of the legendary Copa Mundial football boots.

adidas copa mundial football boots

An icon, not just among football boots fanatics like ourselves, but a piece of design that stands as strong as anything else in the world of sports, the Copa Mundial is an institution in itself.

adidas copa mundial football boots

Described by some as the only pair of football boots you’ll ever need, the Copa Mundial is a benchmark for many in the industry, with a K-Leather upper that has become the standard for all leather clears and the classic 12-stud soleplate that has been the inspiration to everyone from Mizuno to Concave.

adidas copa mundial football boots being produced in Germany

One thing that many people don’t know about the Copa Mundial is that, as you can see from the photos, each pair is hand-made in Germany by a team of adidas technicians.

adidas copa mundial football boots being produced in Germany

Brands like Pantafola D’oro often boast about their hand-crafted football boots, and make other companies out to be faceless big businesses; it’s humbling to see that adidas – as the second biggest sportswear company in the world – still respect the Copa’s enough to have a team of people dedicated to keeping the Copa Mundial hand-crafted, the way Adolf Dassler might do if he were still making boots today!

adidas copa mundial

Some of the pictures – especially the ones of the lace-holes being applied – really show off the flexibility of the leather before the sole is applied to the upper, it looks so soft it makes us want to go out and buy a new pair right now!

adidas copa mundial football boots

Also in the factory are the Soft-Ground adidas World Cups and a pair of the new(ish) adidas Predator_X in Electricity! An unusual spot as the Predator_X is usually made in Indonesia, but perhaps they’re being hand-made for a player with special sizing requirements.

And so ends out little love letter to the Copa Mundial! Are you a long-time Copa fanatic? Or even a Copa convert? Or are old-school football boots not your thing?

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  1. says: farid

    ive had 2 pairs of Copas so far, they are fairly durable but get abit torn and stuff on the tongue but i dont care, they are probably the best boots ever. but you would need other boots for soft ground, cos these are only good for summer pitches/firm pitches in my opinion…

  2. says: Tito993

    Interesting thing here.

    Nike releases Elite boots for the World Cup in order to “better the performance” of its athletes and such. The colors do blah blah blah.

    The only boot to be present in all 18 editions of the World Cup, the Adidas Copa Mundial.

    Myself doned these before and fell in love with them, never will a boot be able to surpass them. In the next 50 years I hope that the Copa Mundials will still grace the fields of the best players in the world.

    Adi Dasler, rest peacefully because your dynasty will live forever.


  3. says: Michael

    My first “expensive” boot was a copa mundial that my parents bought me when I was 14. It was the best boot I ever remember playing in. It was the only pair that I owned but to this day (12 years later), I have still not found another boot that feels as good to play in.

  4. says: BR3

    First boots I ever got as an 11-a-side player. Loved these but as I got older I started to like the lighter and more colourful boot, I suppose you could say I deserted the boots that got me 22 goals in my first season, reading this makes me want to leave CTR360 II’s and play in these again! :'(

  5. says: zizou wannabe

    I have the 25th anniversary Copas and have worn them a few times (dont believe in just keeping them, but didnt want to wear them out).

    Wear adiPure IIs most of my time now but still bring out the Copas once in awhile.

    Think I will buy a new pair just so I can wear them more often. I think the studs are great for the artificial turf that I have started playing on.

    A piece of trivia (I think most of you might know this), the Copas dont have the adidas Sport Performance logo (that triangle) as they were made before the logo came into existence… and since adidas has always wanted to keep the shoe as it is, they never added the new logo on.

    And the name Copa Mundial is licensed from FIFA I believe… cos its trademarked (also World Cup). Am I right here or bullshitting? Remember reading this somewhere before…

    Long Live COPA MUNDIAL!

  6. says: Jose Luis

    The Copa is, by far, the best football boot ever made. I´m a goalkeeper and usually played wearing World Cup shoes, but always carried both pairs in my bag. I have had Diadora Brasil, Puma King and King SL, Predators and always go back to the World Cup-Copa Mundial shape.
    13 studs? Copa Mundial only have 12. Some used to have 2 studs un the centre but not anymore. Some players even have customized Copa´s with 6 screw in studs, 4 in front and two in the rear part. Copas no longer show the FIFA approved legend, I think is a royalties issue.
    When they were first released they featured a blue label in the tongue and the trefoil and adidas word logo in the back. About 6 years later the rear logo changed to a white trefoil alone encased in a black print and the tongue label turned black and finally, as they are now, only the adidas word in the rear and a black label without the trefoil.
    Great boots for firm grass and synthetic. I am the greatest Copa fan ¡I have had about 9 pairs of them (Copa and World Cup) and they fell great since the very first time you wear them. Is the only shoes that requires no break-in time.

    1. says: kyle

      Jose – our collective hats go off to you! We were thinking of the Morelia, which has 13 studs – thanks for catching that and it’s been corrected!

  7. says: one21

    Best boots ever. Even in today’s market. Anyone who doesn’t own a pair doesn’t know what they’re missing.
    Wearing Copa Mundials is like playing in slippers – light and extremely comfortable. Can’t recommend them enough. Right out of the the box they are perfect, why should you have to “break a boot in” anyway, it’s ridiculous that people put up with that! If I had the choice of buying one last pair of football boots it would be these! Get a thorough review up footy-boots, let the people know!

  8. says: Jason

    one pair of coppas, lasted me 4 seasons, they were ripped – glued them back together.. the older the better in my opinion 😉
    best boots ever.

  9. says: Johnny

    Since I was 14 I have been wearing copa’s. My first pair were the world cups. I currently wear the copa’s with the studs added. I also love the predator powerswerves. Will never leave adidas for other boots. Hate all these light weight coloured boots.

  10. says: guardian452

    my f50 prime ripped so I bought copa after many glowing recommendations… after a couple weeks I glued my old shoes back together and returned the copa. ball touch just feels muffled.. like I was wearing two thick pairs of socks. and traction/cuts/stops don’t feel as sharp. less likely to run as fast because you worried you won’t be able to stop. etc. Not as comfortable as the f50, too much cushioning everywhere. I can see if you prefer poofy basketball shoes on the street how you might prefer the copa. I’d rather be barefoot…

    everything fit very nicely… no blisters everywhere just a clean tight fit. So I do like the idea of leather shoes, that mould to your feet. My next pair of shoes will probably be leather f50s. First touch and juggling tricks are better in the copa. Cheap and easy to find as well! I bought my copa at the supermarket for $110 USD, can’t do that with F50s.

  11. says: Rick

    A fantastic cleat. If you look after them they will last you many years. Just remember to buy them tight as they do stretch and will then mould to the exact shape of your foot. They do require a breaking in period for this. The only negative is they can take in bit of water so I wouldn’t play them in heavy rain or on an extremely water logged pitch (usually games are banned where I’m from in these conditions anyway). Also if you’re having problems with traction using the Copa’s try the World Cups which are the SG sole plate version of the Copa. Or better still get your Copa’s modified with a hybrid 1/2 & 1/2 FG-SG stud pattern (some English Premier League players use this Copa hybrid to this day). Offers amazing traction!

  12. says: Lcsoccer

    I personally have had 7 pairs and will never change shoes. Although I must say my favorite was the 125th anniversary Copa’s which came with a leather tongue and leather inner lining, Those were my favorite I hope Adidas makes these again. Well workth the price.

  13. says: Melchor

    Great post about Copas. I’ve had a pair for about 5 years and I love them. I’ve had the predators, Nike Tiempos, Mercurials but in the end I go with German engineering and hand made in Germany. I clean them after each use and condition them once a month. One recommendation, maybe more support/snug fit around the achilles tendon. In the end, it’s a great boot!

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