The wait is now over, the 2009 Football Boot Awards are now open.

The original and best football boot industry awards lets you to decide which football boots are worthy of the title of Footy Boots Awards Winners.


Football Boot of the year 2009Populist Football Boot of the Year

At the Oscars, they have Best Film. At Footy Boots, it’s Best Football Boot. Quite simply, the Daddy!


Football-Boot-of-the-year-2009-panelPanel Football Boot of the Year

Aside from mass sales and mass appeal, our expert panel will be choosing their favourite football boot by considering price, performance, safety, technology, style, longevity and innovation.


safest-football-bootSafest Football Boot of the Year

It’s all very well if your football boots look the business, but not so great if you are continually getting injured. You will reward the brand that has our safety at heart.


outrageous-football-bootOutrageous Football Boot of the Year

The category that would be described on TV News as….. and finally. Why, because it’s fun. We’ve seen some extraordinary boots over the last 12 months. Sure to be keenly contested.


innovative-football-bootMost Innovative Feature

It can’t be too long now before universities start offering courses on football boot technology. There’s just so much of it. But what is the single most outstanding feature that has caught your eye?


Football-shirt-of-the-year-2009Football Shirt of the Year

What a year it’s been for football shirts. Glitzy reveals, major campaigns, stunning images and serious debate. Shirt nominations supplied by the football shirt website, Football Shirt Culture.



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  1. says: nonix

    Outrageous Football Boots will be fun 🙂 Personally i like white boots but Id like to try some pink or yellow, hehe.

  2. says: Splinter09

    I can’t wait to vote for my favourite football boot in each of those categories. BTW, liked the new categories.

  3. says: Steven

    i personally think that Nike will win in the categories of; Populist, Most Innovative Feature, and Most Outrageous Boot. Mainly because of the Flywire technology, and the popular demand of the Vapor V’s.

  4. says: Fenboy

    Great to have the Footy Boots awards back. Love the new categories too.

    Saw another football site try and copy this a few months back. Just embarrassing!!

    Nothing like the original.

    My voting finger is poised.

    1. says: Jimmy J

      Well said Fenboy.

      I’ve actually been banned from another football website after accusing them of stealing yet another Footy Boots idea. Which they had. Obviously no imagination or creativty themselves!!

      Good to see the awards back.

  5. says: Alex S

    This is my first year voting and I loved it. Everything was extremely well done. Couldn’t have pictured it any better. Well done footy-boots, well done.

  6. says: zc

    for panel and populist boot where was f50i it would have gotten my vote for sure, and where was the Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre for most outrageous boot! And finally where was liverpool fc’s european 08-09 away shirt for best football shirt-it is way better than the grey one. Good system but missing a few obvious nominations 😕

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