Football Boots – Christmas Present

Are football boots on your Christmas present list? If so, you should draw up a detailed specification, if not you could be disappointed.

Football Boots ChristmasChristmas is starting to be listed on everybody’s agenda. Shops are starting to play Slade’s “It’s Christmas”, families are discussing who will be hosting Christmas dinner etc. More importantly, people are beginning to buy presents.

So what has this got to do with football boots?

I was asked recently by a close family member, if I could help select a pair of football boots for Tom, a 15 year old football addict. The lady who asked me was aware that I had knowledge of the football boot market, and of course I was happy to help. However, it got me thinking, what if this person had no one to lean on for help? What would Tom end up with? So I asked her to try and make a decision without any help first, just out if interest. Here’s what happened!.

Christmas Shopping for Football Boots – by Terri

Christmas shopping football boots It’s fallen to me to buy a pair of football boots as a Christmas present this year and as someone who knows very little about football in general, it’s a hard task. I could just go out and buy some gift vouchers but I like a challenge and for goodness sake it’s only a pair of football boots!

It seems there are two types of football boots to go for, those with moulded studs, or screw-ins. The screw-in, apparently, have the advantage because the studs can be changed according to the ground you play on. Comfort is a major factor and the football boots must fit well, especially in width. So just asking for a size 10 will not do., after all wearing shin pads and football socks your foot is likely to be a bit bigger.

There are no shortages of outlets to buy these boots and as I actually like shopping, I’m happy to trawl the High Street, although my preference would be shops like Dickens and Jones, I don’t mind JJB sports and Sports World. Trouble is its Saturday and what I need are staff with experience and patience to tell me about the different styles and if that lovely red and silver pair will fit the bill. There’s a queue of people waiting, why did I leave it until now to get this? Pressie time marches on and so must I.

The good thing is that buying football boots is a thing I can do at home. I have access to catalogues, they are always writing to me to buy things from them, or I can try the Internet.

Internet it is and the list is endless and I have straight away found a pair that will not even dent the budget for £3 I can buy a pair of Mitre Electron football boots they are made of synthetic leather and will stay light in wet conditions and they dry quickly, am excited because it means I have extra money to spend on other things.

Reading on I find they are moulded studs and if I do go for them it’ll feel like I’m a cheapskate. Shame. Not to be deterred I carry on and find they are recommending a pair of Adidas +F50 Tunit. These look lovely in aluminium/black/royal, the claim is they can” be any boot you want it to be and then be completely different the next time” Yes these could be the ones except that they cost £270 and as much as I love my nephew they won’t fit my budget.

EBay’s another source and there’s only 5,136 pairs of football boots to go through, maybe I’ll leave it. This time the challenge is too great. Gift vouchers it is and he can choose them himself.

So by simply putting a pair of football boots on your Christmas list, you are at risk of ending up with something that you daren’t even bring out of your boot bag in the changing rooms. Not only that, but imagine your disappointment on Christmas morning!

Tomorrow – 7 things to consider when choosing a pair of football boots for Christmas. If you’ve got any thoughts, leave a comment below.

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  1. says: Connor

    Hi Terri,

    If you were to buy you’re son a pair of football boots you need to state what your budget is to him and then let him chose what football boots he would like from that. Also another idea would be to go to sports world because they are really cheap and if you live near London go to lillywhites (the cheapest football boots shop in the country). What is your budget so I can sugest a pair for that amount of money.

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