We don’t often get the chance to do ‘the giveaway thing’ here at, but when we do, we like to make it both large and – indeed – ‘in charge’.

Football Boot Awards Big Giveaway

To celebrate the final weekend of our Month-Long Football Boots Awards we’re holding a giveaway that’s going to last all weekend!

Over the next 3 days, we’re going to be giving away 4 (Yes – 4!) pairs of awards-nominated football boots!

The catch? We want those of you who haven’t voted yet, to get over to the Football Boots Awards microsite to vote and to tell as many people as you can about it – yes, it’s that simple! Here’s how we’re breaking it down:

Puma PowerCat 1.10 Football Boots in Silver Black GraphicUnder Armour Create Pro II

Friday: Starting today, anyone that leaves a comment on this story with their boot of the year and their shoe size is eligible to win a pair of Under Armour Create Pro II‘s or Puma PowerCat 1.10‘s – make sure you enter your real email address as we’ll only allow people who have voted on the Awards to be in with a chance of winning!

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Football Boot

Saturday: At some point on Saturday, we’ll post a Footy-Boots Awards Tweet on our twitter page – everyone that follows us (or is already following us) and ReTweet’s our message is in with a chance to score a pair of Mizuno Wave Ignitus‘.

adidas f50 adiZero football boots in Black/Sun Yellow

Sunday: On our Facebook page, sometime on Sunday we’ll announce a starting point, from then, everyone that Reposts our link to the awards, and leaves us a comment on our original post with their boot of the year and shoe size can be in with a chance to win a pair of adidas F50 adiZeros!

Here’s the main stipulations:

If you’ve already voted – no problem! Just Comment, Tweet or Facebook and you’ll be entered!

All submissions are valid until voting closes on Wednesday, so even if you’re away over the weekend you have until the 20th to get entered!

The winners of the contests will be announced the week after the voting has closed.

We will be checking profiles and feeds and email addresses to make sure only people who have voted are eligible to win – so make sure you get your vote on before we close the polls on Wednesday!

Full competition Rules & Regulations can be found here

So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner below to Get voting, and get entered!

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  1. says: Spencer

    boot of the year: adidas adizero black/sun leather, size 8.5, I converted from vapors to these and I must say they have taken football ball storm, finally lightness with comfort, and for the cheaper price compared to nikes ELITES, these are a steal and I highly recommend them to any player in any position, even the defender daniel agger decides to wear them, nike poster oys alves and nani even made the switch, and are one fantastic boot.

  2. says: Dan Lee

    Mizuno Wave Ignitus, light, comfortable (especially the tongue), and feature packed. What more could you ask for? I had to order them from the UK, but all of my teammates are asking me about them. The color’s slowly growing on me too.

    Size UK 9.5

  3. says: Norbert

    Boot of the year: adidas adizero sun/black/gold leather size 7, like the first comment, i also converted from nike, mainly due to the prices. I was a die hard vapor fan but when a leather boot, 50 grams lighter which is better for feel of ball, touch, power, swerve and is more comfortable comes out at half the price, you simply becaome a huge fan of it. Hope I win, I wil even make a twitter page to compete for the mizunos.

  4. says: Kenny P

    boot of the year: adidas copa mundial size 10
    the boots is classic and timeless and in an age where sometimes gimmicks and flash claim to work better this boot stands the test of time…although i do like new technology too 🙂

  5. says: Remi Mckenzie

    Boot of the year: Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Elite FG

    Has to be for me since i just bought myself a pair but super comfortable and light and customizable. The cheery colour’s slowly very slowly growing on me to

  6. says: Remi Mckenzie

    Boot of the year: Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Elite FG

    Has to be for me since i just bought myself a pair but super comfortable and light and customizable. The cheery colour’s slowly very slowly growing on me to

    Size UK 13

  7. says: Mark Montgomery

    For em the boots of the year are t90 laser 3s. I’ve had them start to finish of the year and I have never had any problems. They are just very solid.

  8. says: Punch Rockgroin

    It would have to be the Umbro Speciali Statement. The perfect mix of old and new into a boot that manages to look classy, feel light and comfortable, and give a perfect touch.

    Size US 9.5

  9. says: Jackal

    Boot of the year: Nike CTR 360 US9.5

    For me, comfort is the most important element in choosing a pair of soccer boots. I have wide feet (EE) and surprisingly the CTR 360 fits me very well, without any discomfort and pain. The shape of the boot accommodates my foot type very well. The heel counter cradles my heel very well even with my custom orthotics. Secondly, the kangalite upper feels surprisingly thin and k-leather like and really provides a great touch on the ball. I am a central midfielder and relies on quick 1-2 and tight control. I feel with the CTR 360, I could really feel the ball on my feet, allowing me to do confidently move the ball around.

    As a last word, if I could forget about my boots during a game (no discomfort, no blisters, no pain, good touches), that’s the highest compliment I could provide. The CTR360 allows me to do that and just focus on the match.

  10. says: MisterBroom12

    Boot of the Year has to go to the adidas F50 adiZero. I don’t own a pair but just the weight of the boot and the amount of players who have switched to the shoe shows that adidas have done something right. I wear a size US8.5 for synthetic boots and US8 for leather boots.

  11. says: Josh

    Boot of the year for me is tthe Nike CTR360 as so many pros have opted for them due to their comfort and great performance. probably the best boot for the money. I wear a size 9US.

  12. says: fizz

    The Boot of the Year should definitely go to the Adizero. What other boot released this year convinced defenders to switch to lightweight boots, Nike players to black them out, and even to switch over? Hands down the Adizeros. Size 10

  13. says: Jacob

    Boot of the year is obviously the F50 adiZero leather. They have destroyed all the competition in the speed boot market, and have done so at half the price. A great all round boot and you have to give adidas kudos for not driving the price up.

    UK Size 10.

  14. says: james

    My boot of the year would have to be nike’s total 90 III. A really comfy boot which gives great curl. Also quite light too.

    UK size 10

  15. says: Thomas

    Boot of the Year: Nike CTR Maestri (10.5 US)

    This boot is worn throughout every position on the field and shows how quickly the newer range of Nike boots has risen from obscurity. It seems players that previously wore the Laser’s or Tiempo’s find their way over to the CTR’s at some point. It has the best soleplate/stud configuration in the business, not to mention it’s probably one of the most comfortable boots out there. The Kanga-Lite works extremely well with the overall design, especially in wet conditions. Even if some complain with the durability issues, I will still re-buy them without a second thought.

    Thanks guys and send me some shoes!

  16. says: Tom

    Got to be the adizero’s extremely light, no gimmicks and comfortable. you just have to look at the amount of pro’s changing to them to know how good they are. Size 10

  17. says: nikolai

    boot of the year— mizuno wave ignitus
    the best cleats ever!! they are a power cleat and weigh similar to mercurials – size 12

  18. says: Quaresma

    Boot of the year : Adidas Adizero! What they did to the speed boot industry will always be remembered by footy boots all around! Boot size : 8.5 US

  19. says: Rosslee

    Adidas Adizero gets my vote for Boot of the Year. The boot has revolutionized the whole boot market with its release. Its light and comfy but most of all its affordable. Really it’s just amazing. Boot Size: 9.5 US

  20. says: Christian

    Boot of The Year – I’m another advocate for the F50 Adizero.

    Reason – If you can make a light, comfortable pair of leathers you’ve got my vote. Also a reasonable price, which i’m at least able to save for. which is why entering this could save me more months waiting and saving : )

    uk 8 ( ;

  21. says: stevo

    boot of the year Adidas Adizero (Leather)

    For Adidas to make a leather boot so light yet strong is nothing short of a miracle. Although i have to say that the mizuno wave ignitus are simply amazing boots and i’m definately getting a pair when the new colourways come out

    UK size * please

  22. says: Karl

    I’m a fierce Puma man, but I’ve to say that the AdiZeros win for Boot of the Year!

    Picked one up the other day for a feel, and was surprised to find how sturdy it actually felt, even in comparison to heavier Vapors/Superflys – although I wouldn’t wear a pair, just cause of the way I play!!

    Plus a range of styles – from gaudy pink to classic white and blue, make it accessible for the unassuming wingback, as well as the flamboyant winger!

    Still, good on Adidas for producing something so lightweight, especially out of leather too!

    And with tons of athletes making the change – Adidas definitely is doing something right!

    UK Sz 11 🙂 (please!)

  23. says: calum davidson

    Boot of the year…: Nike CTR360 elite blue/white/black.
    Unbelievably comfortable, brilliant to look at and a great design. Only problem is the price, but that doesn’t stop it being the best boot of 2010.
    Worn by the magical Rafael Van der Vart, the perfect boot for scoring, assisting and making that inch perfect pass.

    Size: 10UK

  24. says: alejandro

    for me the boot of the year, by far were the f50 adizeros.
    i, like many other people was a die hard vapor fan and when i saw these wich were 50 bucks cheeper and about 60 grams lighter
    i just had to try them. ive got a pair of the leather version and i have just absolutely fallen in love with them. unfortunately as im still growing the pair has gotten extremely small. i think i need to buy another pair 🙁

  25. says: viva

    The wave ignitus caused a sensation throughout the world. Keisuke Honda’s free kicks, like damn! Aside from the AdiZeros, no boot generated such noise at the WC. Those orange nikes don’t count here. US 10

  26. says: Cameron

    CTR Maestri for best boot of the year. It feels great on the ball, It’s superbly comfortable, and it looks good too!
    U.S. 10

  27. says: Niccolo

    Boot of the year has to be the Puma V1.10 SL. The lightest boot ever made, with Puma quality comfort which blows away all competitors.

  28. says: Alec

    the boot of the year is Adidas F50 adizero US10.5
    i had superflys , vapors, predators, tunits and CTRS. i converted to these because of the weight and to give it a try, and i loved it, better than any boot ive ever gotten, weather its synthetic or leather they both are amazing.

  29. says: zc

    I would have to say the Nike Tiempo Legend III Elites.
    It brings the class that the Tiempo has, together with modern weight reduction technology.
    Firstly, the design of the tiempo is so classy. The trim across the leather in myy opinion is to die for. The shape of the boot is perfect for complete control of the ball, unlike other boots such as the T90 Laser III which is only good for kicking with the instep or the CTR360 which is completely focused on outstep passes, the tiempo can be used to kick the ball in any way. Aslo the soft K-Lite Synthetic and classic design of the boot provide extreme comfort.
    With its classic design you would think the boot lacked modern technology but it doesn’t. With the addition of a carbon fibre soleplate and a change to K-lite synthetic the boot is lighter than ever. The carbon fibre soleplate, (which the superfly has proven can be a success) has helped drasticly reduce the weight of the boot by 16%, but this weight reduction would not possible without the input of k-lite synthetic. The K-Lite synthetic (which was first seen on the highly successful CTR360) has provided further weight reduction, but unlike the CTRs it has a K-Leather feel.
    Finally, the boots aren’t just classy yet modern, through their technology but also through their colourways, you can choose the modern “high vis” orange/mach purple colourway or you could go for something more classy like the orange/white/black colourway.
    All in all the Nike Tiempo Legend III Elite is just a great boot.
    Size UK 9

  30. says: spark

    I’d say the nike ctr 360. I feel like it’s a pretty unique boot, and its pretty comfy. A lot of people are saying the adizero, but honestly I think the whole superlight trend is overrated. (US size 9)

  31. says: Marshall

    Boot of the year: Nike CTR 360 Maestri

    I’ve chosen this because the touch and comfort with these cleats i hear are phenomenal.

    US size 10.5 or 11

  32. says: Steven

    Boot of the year: F50 Adizero. I’ve worn vapors my whole life including 3 pairs of superflys, but my friend and I switched boots for a game and I liked adizeros better. Unfortuanatly I don’t have any Adizeros right now but I would take a pair. Boot of the year: Adizero. US Size: 10

  33. says: Phil-xxx

    Adidas adizeroF50 Is da best guys!)
    i have had them for a while and what is ay is that they are aawesome-really light and easyt to shoot!)
    only minus is that their cleats are too easy to break((
    want the navy colour really;)
    europe size 45)
    AdiZero F50(adore navy colour style)))))
    actual size 45,5 sryy 4 2 comments)

  34. says: Alex

    Adidas Adizero’s. They have taken over the speed boot market and have converted many big name vapor wearers into them. eg. nani and alves.

    US Size 9

  35. says: Johnt5

    i’ve always been a power boot man and gone for preditors in the past purchasing the Adidas Preditor_X. However, i took the plunge and went for the adizeros a month ago and will never look back.

    Have always been aprehensive about all the injuries surrounding ‘light boots’ but with reading the Metasox article a few weeks ago i decide to to see if they worked. Guys adizeros and a pair of Metasox are the way forward, light weight with the protection you need. I have found the furture!!!

  36. says: justin

    football boot of the year – adidas f50 adizero

    i’ve been wanting to buy a new pair, but every time i get the chance to earn money for it, it always ends up to be spent on my studies, yet i’ve tried one and it helped me win the game! 😀

    adizeros, us size 9.5

  37. says: Thomas808

    Football boot of the year has to be the Nike CTR 360 Maestri elite. living in hilo hawaii, one of the rainiest places on earth, its really hard to enjoy the comfort and touch of kangaroo leather. but the breakthrough kanga light synthetic material gives you the freedom to use these shoes on a rainy day without feeling guilty about damaging them. that is why i feel the nike CTR 360 maestri elite should win football boot of the year. im a us size 8 btw 😉

  38. says: carter bliss

    boot of theyear – adidas f50 adizero sprintskin size 4 ( i couldnt get the leathers in my size 🙁 … ) they are so awesome and light im hoping tomwin the mizuno wave ignutus

  39. says: Joey

    football boot of the year – adidas F50 adizero

    this was simply the game changer. we saw more players kick off much more expensive, technologically advanced, and complicated shoes for what is arguable the most simple construction in the last year. if the jabulani ruined adidas reputation for consistant performance, the adizero saved it.

    runner up – nike ctr 360

    kanga-lite is the real winner here. it’s just too comfy. and hell, they made a believer of Carlos, who was in and out of the same pair of legends since he left west ham. i’m a believer too.

    us size 10.5

  40. says: Frank

    Boot of the year: Mizuno Wave Ignitus
    The first boots in history that designed for no-spin freekick, with a successful show in the world cup. I bought them and they are quite good, even a bit narrow for me.
    They are multi-functional, I need speed and power, and this is my choice.
    Size US 8.5

  41. says: Jonathan Chin

    Boot of the year: adidas F50 adizero

    Leather version seems very popular with the pros. Also has gotten rave reviews on most cleat review websites.

    Size US 8

  42. says: Ian P

    boot of the year: Mizuno Wave Ignitus.

    most innovative boot almost ever.
    this boot pushes the boundaries of what a soccer boot is, and that kind of innovation deserves a boot of the year award.

    Size 9.5

  43. says: Charles T

    I think that the Boot of The Year award must go to the Adidas Predator X. The Preds have found a way to put more power into the kicker without increasing the weight to much. Adi spine is also very effective in preventing injuries. An enlarged strike zone is also much more practical then the rubber strips in the Power Swerves in the middle of a game.
    Shoe size 11 US

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