It’s that time again, as FIFA get ready to present their Puskas Award for best goal of the year.

Wayne Rooney Leo Messi and Neymar are all competing for the 2011 FIFA Puskas award for best goal

Named after legendary Hungarian attacker Ferenc Puskás, the FIFA Puskas award is simply given to the greatest goal scored in a calendar year.

And best of all, it’s voted for by the people who matter the most: the Fans. No backroom politics or stuffy committees muddying the waters on this one!

One of our favourite things about the' FIFA Puskás is that it levels the playing field for professional players all around the world; a great goal is a great goal, no matter where it was scored.

The best example was last year’s finalists, which saw relative unknowns on the world stage like Irishman Matthew Burrows and Sweden’s Linus Hallenius go shoulder-to-shoulder with Messi, Nasri and Van Bronckhorst.

This year, however, it’s a clash of the titans as Leo Messi, Wayne Rooney and Neymar go head-to-head in the competition’s final three.

Leo Messi – vs Arsenal – Wearing the adidas F50 adiZero

Neymar – vs Flamengo – Wearing the Nike Superfly III

Wayne Rooney – vs Manchester City – Wearing the Nike T90 Laser III

The winner will be presented their award during the Ballon d’Or gala on January 9th 2012, and you have to get your vote in on FIFA’s website before then to have a say in who wins!

If you’ve already done that, make sure you come back to here on and tell us why you think your favourite goal deserves the FIFA Puskas award!

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  1. says: Cartnut2

    Messi vs. Real Madrid where he blew past the majority of their defense, pretty similar to Neymar’s goal, just with better defenders.

  2. says: Sir Alex

    Come on guys. The only people that don’t think Neymar’s goal is the best are biased. It’s clearly the best goal of the three.

    Nobody could put a good case down for Rooney or Leo in this competition.

  3. says: Luca

    Neymar’s is #1.  Rooney hit his off his shin and not cleanly which takes something away from the goal for me.  Messi is a close 2nd, but it’s unfortunate that footyboots didn’t find a video with the entirety of Neymar’s goal.  It was the moves and the trickery 5 seconds before the start of this video that made it truly amazing.  Forward to 13 seconds in.

  4. says: Markccfc

    there were by far better goals scored than messis and neymars. rooneys has to win, havent felt like that watching a goal in ages, and i cant stand united

  5. says: Jake

    And of the 3 Neymar’s was the best. Messi just gets put on the top of everything bc he’s Messi. His def the weakest of the 3.

  6. says: channo77

    i couldn’t help to think if that wasn’t messi, would that goal still be in the nominees?

    rooney’s is technique, luck, and the whole universe helping him setting up that moment.
    neymar’s is phase, vision, and of course no awesome goal is scored without a bit of luck.

    while messi’s… any striker with a mindset that i’m better than this stupid goalie could’ve scored that one. sure, it was somewhat surprising and a bit uncommon when u watched it live. but after another replay, and again, and again, and again… i swear to God, if messi win this one…

    sigh… all hail the champion team at the moment!

  7. says: Tony Hobbs

    neymar all day, absolutely amazing, the person who made the rooney vid is obviously his biggest fan because it doesnt show him actually starting the move off it only shows the finish which is 40% of the actual goal. messi’s is a cracker but cant put it above rooneys one though.

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