FIFA have today confirmed that they will begin testing several varieties of Goal Line Technology ahead of the annual meeting of the IFAB in March.

Maybe by March 5th 2011, we can stop using this picture.

We featured a showcase of four new types of Goal Line Technology back in August, and it seems that FIFA are still accepting applications as they stated that a deadline of the end of next month has been set for companies to make a first presentation of their technologies to FIFA.

A statement from the IFAB reads: “The technology would apply solely to the goal line, and only to determine whether a goal has been scored or not.

“The system must be accurate; the indication of whether a goal has been scored must be immediate and automatically confirmed within one second; the indication of whether a goal has been scored will only be communicated to the match officials.”

A testing period will then take place with a number of companies to determine the accuracy of each system and this will be reported back to the IFAB annual general meeting on 5th March

Meaning that we could well see more examples of Goal Line Technology surface before the deadline in a little over 6 weeks time, and finally a conclusion to this whole debate by March 2011 next year.

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    i thought they were just gonna leave it because after all, debating is one of the best parts of football, and if they make everything all squeaky clean, footy banter will go down to a minimum 🙁

  2. says: Splinter09

    One the biggest mistakes in the history of the world cups that disallowed goal from Lampard.

    About time FIFA consider the use of technology, I think there is to much money involved in Football these days to let errors like that keep happening.

  3. says: because

    I don’t think they should use it to be honest, the best thing about football and the past 100 years has been producing exciting football..why? Because of scandal and referee errors. You see what a team is really made of, example; Brasil x USA Confed Cup Kaka’s header wasn’t seen by the refs and at that point Brasil could have just given up..but obviously that wasn’t the case..

  4. says: E@zy


    a lot more money is being pumped into football. 1 goal being given or not could cost clubs millions of club. anyhow back then, technology wasn’t avialable. it is now, and i would like to think that those involved in those games would wish it was introduced when they were playing.

    football is football. it will always have controversy. this is the most important element that the refs have to get right and they need whatever help they can get.

  5. says: Peter

    Why don’t they just use video replays, as they do in rugby? Then it can be used for more than just to see whether the ball has crossed the line.

  6. says: channo

    @everyone who asked about the picture: i assume u guys are not England fans…
    hint: look at the jabulani ball. that was happened at the world cup.

    @Peter: because replays are not allowed on football. even after watching replays, sometimes we still argue about what’s right and wrong. and split decision could lead to ruckus.
    moreover, i don’t think that football is ready for 15 minutes ++ of added time. officials could took a very long time to study those replays…

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