It’s easy to forget something on your way out of the door to a high-profile game; a bottle of Lucozade, cash for your match fees, maybe even the wrong kind of boots. However, what if you brought the wrong shirt?Fernando Llorente wears the wrong shirt whilst in action for Spain


It seems as though that’s what happened to Spain’s Fernando Llorente this week when Spain took on Lithuania in a Euro 2012 qualifier.

Whilst the rest of his Spanish team-mates were wearing the recently released Spain Home shirt 2011-12, Athletic Bilbao striker Llorente decided he was was going to wear his World Cup shirt – which is identifiable by the lack of a gold star above the crest.

Whilst there’s no good shots of Fernando stacking up against his team mates, you can just about see one of the new shirts in the background of this shot, replete with blue under-arm areas.

Fernando Llorente wears the wrong shirt whilst in action for Spain

According to the UEFA kit regulations guide, there’s actually nothing that covers such a situation, so it would seem that Spain may escape reprimand for their substitutes bizarre choice of shirt.

Though there is a section on ‘Unforeseen Circumstances (Article 65.01)’ which would see them subjected to the mercy of the UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino.

We’re currently trying to reach UEFA for comment on this strange turn of events, but in the mean time; why do you think Llorente did this?

Is there any excuse for wearing the wrong kit?

Let us know in the comments!

Huge props to the eagle-eyed Hazrie Salleh for this spot!


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  1. says: iPodkiller

    Lol, not his fault, whats the real difference of the shirt? Only a blue stripe on the sides and some minor minor changes.

  2. says: kyle

    @iPodkiller – I’d love it if this were Fernando – who is an adidas player by the way – showing his distaste that the new Spain kit is too similar to the old one, like a protest!

  3. says: Stian

    Do they make the new Spain-shirt in a techfit model? Just wondering if that may be a reason. It just seems weird, when I’m guessing they get their jerseys just before the game!?

  4. says: DrD

    I noticed this when I watched the highlights. Firstly, it’s very unlikely that the players themselves have to bring their own shirts. They have staff to lay out their kit before they enter the changing room and usually at half time they get a fresh shirt too if they want. That’s the case for England and money-tight Belgium, so surely for Spain too.
    Secondly, notice his shirt is still match prepared – it has the match details under the badge and also the FIFA wc winners badge on the right breast. Together with the Respect and Euro sleeve patches, this is usually done a couple of hours before the match if it’s a home game.

    So why? He is a lot taller than everyone. Perhaps they didn’t bring his size in time to the far away country. That’s my guess

  5. says: Ian

    @ Stian
    I was thinking the same thing. After watching the highlights I didn’t notice any of the other players wearing kits with the distinct TPU bands on the techfit shirt. I think he just prefers the fit.

  6. says: Derek

    I remember a few years back, England played Paraguay in a friendly (at Old Trafford if I remember rightly).

    The whole Paraguay team switched shirts during the half-time break. Both shirts were the traditional red and white stripes, but they were distinctly different editions. (I can’t remember if they were both the same manufacturer)

    I’ve never known why they did this.

  7. says: Anthony Ruiz

    ..Come on guys.. let him be!! He LOVES playing in Techfit thats why, they possibly haven’t made the new Spain Techfit?..

  8. says: nicoacademia

    powerweb you mean?

    anyway the old one looks better than the new one.

    sure as well can’t beat the stars of england(the wrong kind of stars). teeny bedtime pjs stars instead of a wc star.

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