In a press conference today Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United Football Club.

Emphasising his ‘disappointment’ in Rooney, Fergie was calm and collected throughout his address to the media stating he ‘Doesn’t know what he’d want to leave a club that’s so successful, with such a great stadium and history.’.

Ferguson explained the contract negotiations collapsed due to Rooney’s insistence that he wants to take his football elsewhere, as Manchester United were prepared to offer him a ‘great deal, financially’, with David Gill having revealed to the manager that Rooney’s agents were adamant that ‘Rooney wants to leave and doesn’t want to sign a contract.’

Fergie also took some time to put to rest the conspiracy theories surrounding Rooney’s injury confirming the striker was injured against Rangers. Rooney and Sir Alex then agreed he was being left out against Sunderland, so he would be fit for England’s Euro 2012 Qualifier against Montenegro.

Fergie emphasised his disappointment that Roo said he was not injured whilst away with the national team, as scans suggested there were ‘minor issues’ with the strikers ankle, which is the reason he won’t face Rangers tomorrow.

Sir Alex hasn’t frozen out the 24 year old though, saying “keeping the door open for Wayne as he is such a good player” and he “has done nothing but help Wayne since being at United”

And in return, the veteran Scot has asked for Rooney to “Behave in a professional way, until all is sorted out”.

Where do you think the England Striker will be playing after Manchester United? Rumour has it that only Manchester City and Real Madrid can afford to by the frontman – which would certainly be bad news for Nike should Rooney choose to take his football boots abroad.

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  1. says: Geo

    I guess as a die hard United fan the question isn’t where would Rooney go after United it would be what would we be getting in return?!?! I really like Chicharito, and Berba has been playing well this season but they need something better than those two if they’re going to keep competing with the likes of Chelsea for the league and other top teams in the UCL. Any thoughts on that? Thanks

  2. says: E@zy

    Torres will be cheap.

    I reackon RM should swap Rooney for Benzema. I can see Fergie getting him playing again like he did with Berb.

    If Man city claim Champ Leag, they have first dibs on all three. Adebayor is rubbish and Tevez is club captain and only one scoring at the mo.

  3. says: harry

    rooney hasnt a clue about loyalty ( ask any toffee fan). man utd have made the guy who he is today. (an overated player that is) carlos tevez is a similar BUT better player than him as not only he does his fair share for his club and previous clubs i include but when he plays at international level not only does he produce but he travels as he is argentinian. underrated in my books if the media are saying rooney is in the top 3 best player. anyway if rooney was to leave he will be exposed as a poor footballer if he went foreign which makes me ask myself why man city would take him when they need a torres and have a tevez????? rooney should take a leaf out of scholes and giggs book and fix up as he needs man utd and utd need him. what would really rock the boat tho was if with liverpools new found fortune would he betray both the blues and reds and switch to liverpool then claim hes there 4 life LMFAO that would be great init.

  4. says: ricardo7

    I don’t think Rooney has bounced back since his horrible world cup, I wouldn’t want him on my team just look at the crossbar challenge video here on footy-boots. I think a
    Real Madrid Rooney – Ronaldo switch would be amazing, but that’s just speculation, I think Man U needs Gonzalo Higuain or The new guy form Arsenal, also Torres would be cheap because Liverpool will be relegated, mark my words.

  5. says: harry

    mouriniho wants rooney to stay as affter next season unless real win the cl this season he will replace fergie.he wnt take him to madrid i reckon.

  6. says: brian

    It’s so obvious that Rooney is uncomfortable in Manchester. For me,it is similar to what happened with Ashley Cole after the WC but he decided to stay in Chelsea. I guess most of we have felt the same when we are working for a company,but for different reasons we just want to quit. Specially if your boss is Ferguson, who really seem to be someone difficult to deal with.
    My prediction is that if he leaves Manchester,he will be wearing the Real Madrid shirt. Maybe a trade for Benzema or something.

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