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Falke 4 Grip Socks

Eagle eyed football fans will be familiar with seeing professional players wearing specialist socks during a match. But when a new design started hitting our radar recently we had to track down the brand and share the lowdown.  

For those unfamiliar with the ‘performance football sock’ here are two common questions answered regarding the socks:  

Q – What does a performance sock do?

The sock is worn to improve your performance when playing football. The main benefit is reducing the movement of your foot within your football boot, by replacing the traditional sock where your foot makes contact with your boot. Reducing the movement within your boot or sock provides improved traction and stability, resulting in better performance and less injuries or abrasions.

Q – How is the performance sock used in football?

The performance sock should be the only sock that makes contact with your foot and boot as it increases grip between both your foot and sock as well as your foot and boot.

Falke football performance sock
Typically, players wear a normal football sock, but cut the sock at the ankle so the ‘normal sock’ only cover the leg between your knee and ankle. The performance socks are worn as ankle socks.

As mentioned at the top of this article, we’ve recently seen the new Falke 4 Grip sock being used by pro’s and knowing how fickle pro’s are with their gear, we thought we should find out why they’re choosing to wear this product.

Falke 4 Grip Football Sock

Falke 4 grip socks football soccer

In hand, the first thing you notice is that the Falke 4 Grip sock is thinner than other socks in this sector.

Putting the socks on highlights another difference; The 4 Grip is tight and fits your foot like an under armour shirt hugs your body. They prevent the roll effect you can have with a normal sock. By that if you imagine putting your boot on over a normal football sock and then try keeping the sole fixed, but moving your foot side to side, you’ll notice the sock allows a bit of movement. That movement is significantly reduced in the Falke 4 Grip.

The ‘nubs’, that grip your foot on the inside to prevent your foot slipping against your sock and then on the outside of the sock to help your sock grip the football boot, really help your foot lock into your shoe and prevent these minor movements within your boot. Once you’re aware of the difference you really appreciate it.

Football Falke 4 Grip Socks

The other advantage of using a Falke 4 Grip is that they reduce the likelihood of blisters caused by friction between your boot and foot. Blisters often occur as your foot gets used to a new boot, but using this sock will help reduce this occurring.

In terms of durability, after wearing and washing the 4 Grip socks on four occasions they are still in excellent condition. The only sign of wear is one of the ‘nubs’ has started to detach.

At £32 a pair, these socks are not cheap, but they look like should last a season. Falke 4Grip Socks

Brand Spec

Fastest acceleration and changes of direction

Silicone nubs on the inside and outside of the sock provide optimal control

The compression zone in the ankle area reduces the risk of twisting

The three-layer structure and the patented, optimised fit significantly reduces blistering

Price: £32

Sizes: 39-41 / 42-43 / 44-45 / 46-48

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