F50.8 TUNiT

Adidas F50.8 TUNiT – the football boot specification.

We let the ‘geeks’ out of the cage to take a good look at the Adidas F50.8 TUNiT. Clipboards ready, pens in the breast pocket, off you go boys…

Adidas F50.8 TUNiT

It’s one of the big boys in terms of major football boots on the market. With its unique, modern look and shape it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a nice alternative for Adidas fans to the Predator. Adidas are pleased with the sales, otherwise they wouldn’t introduce successive models. So let’s see what’s in the shoebox of the F50 TUNiT……

The 3rd version of the F50 TUNiT is the lightest so far, around 30g lighter in fact. It weighs in at around 330g. f50.8-TUNiT

Adidas F50.8 TUNiT Interchangeable

As always the new F50 TUNiT is interchangeable, its unique feature. You can swap the chassis, uppers, insoles and studs to work with your personal taste and the conditions.

Good news is, for those that have previous models, you can interchange your old components with the F50.8 TUNiT .

f50.8 football boots

F50.8 TUNiT Uppers

You can choose from several uppers, with different colours and materials.

1. Easy-care, durable and non-absorbent synthetic upper, called AdiDot.

2. Soft leather upper.

3. Ultralight and breathable ClimaCool'® material upper.

F50.8 TUNiT Chassis

Choose between two different chassis, the ‘standard’ or the ‘competition’ chassis.

The chassis forms the interior of the shoe and holds the studs. The tuning options are a lightweight standard chassis for perfect stability and optimal distribution of stud pressure, ideal for training in. Or, the ultralight ‘competition’ chassis for maximum flexibility in the forefoot and optimum breathability in combination with the ClimaCool'® upper, great for the big match.

The selected chassis is inserted into the upper and the studs are screwed in from the outside.

Alles Klar


The heel has a transparent “Alles Klar” (All Clear) element that enables reduction of weight of the football boot and, thanks to different degrees of hardness, results in much greater stability and flexibility. Since greater stability is required in the heel area, the material of the “Alles Klar” element is particularly strong and stable here, becoming softer and more flexible towards the forefoot.



Stud Systems

Three stud systems ensure you get the right traction for your surface. Soft Ground, Hard Ground and Firm Ground.

The studs help ensure optimum contact on all kinds of hard and artificial pitches, as well as on various hard and soft natural pitches.

An integrated “wear indicator” on the FG and HG stud systems alerts you so you know when to change the studs.


The insole, or sockliner, determines the football boot’s degree of comfort and breathability.

The premolded, soft and slightly cushioned insole (standard), as well as the somewhat thinner, perforated and thus extremely lightweight, breathable sock liner (competition) offer optimum comfort and are the final custom options for this football boot.

Lace Cover

As is usual with the F50 football boot, the F50.8 comes with a lace cover. This one is a bit bigger than before and gives you a nice smooth strike zone for the football.


The F50.8 TUNiT is an improvement on the previous models. Particularly in its flexibility and weight.

Time will tell if it stands up to a hard season without fault, reliability being one of the complaints of the early versions. The fact that the interchangeable components are now more securely integrated, due to the “Alles Klar” heel to toe unit, should help.

Verdict: The F50.8 TUNiT see’s the F50 range come of age. It will be a natural for previous owners, especially as they can interchange old components. Footy Boots think this version will see more converts to the modern, customisable football boot.

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    1. says: lottie

      these boots look the part but when the ground is wet the water gets up into the boot so when it comes to cleaning the boots you have to take the studs out then the insole then the bit of plastic that hold on the studs as that is the part that lets water and mud into and make the underneath of the boot muddy and wet. It takes me about a hour to clean my boots rather than 10 minutes for a usual pair.

    1. says: craig

      mine have shattered after 2 months of use im sending them back they shouldn’t break this easy its got to be a design fault!

  1. says: Denis

    beforre i buy these i wanna know if you originally have f50.6 and buy a f50.8 would it still work with evry thing else for the old boot? does anuone know?

  2. says: Donnie

    if you take the studs out and the studs holder, and you wear the f50.8s just with the insole could that ruin the shoe? just got some from a friend and need to start getting used to them so really need an answer.

  3. says: dany boy

    got the boots yesterday and went to wear them in and they are great i can ping a ball amazingly in them they only cost me £50 so i got them well cheap i got the white and gold ones they are so comfortable a good tip for someone who says these hurt ur feet is to get some normal football socks and cut the ankles off them so you have a sock with no foot then put on a pair of white thick leisure socks preferbly nike ones and use the nike ankle guards and they fit like a glove all the decent proffesionals do it if this is good for you then let me know i would like some input on what other people think these boots are the best when you do this

  4. says: t lzre

    i gt these boots today and they are excelent . I wore them without the studs and they felt crazy light and it is so easy to customize them to your liking ,but cleaning does seem like a hastle

  5. says: patrick8

    BEST. I have 9 pairs of boots now, TWO are F50.8s. Feel so GREAT – they GO the amount you run onto the pitch. Its a darn good feel and so light, hugs well. Cleaning is so easy if dry, but a pain with muddy field. Like a woman, you got to enjoy pampering your gears here, taking all apart, wash, clean and putting them back. I am disappointed some say they spoil easy. Mine are ‘made in china’. Scored my 68th goal this year with my full yellow F50 – so im still happy. BEST boots I have now.

  6. says: kent holley

    Ive got the kit of three and they come with clima cool water resistant and normal i love them and for anyone with the chasis cracking i just phoned addidas and they sent me 2 new chassises and 2 new insoles i didn’t even send them a pic of my olg broken chassis these are the f50.8 im talking about by yhe way

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