Our friends at Nike this afternoon have sent us over a great little video to celebrate the unveiling of the new CTR360 II!

Opening with CTR360 II posterboy Cesc Fabregas declaring “To win the midfield battle takes vision; Take control” the video then explores Nike’s latest football boots in a ‘drawing board’ style, giving the impression you’re looking at concept drawings of the boots.

It does a great job of taking a step-by-step look at all the new features on the boot – and finally clears up which one is the bass pad and which is the receive pad!!

We’re expecting to see plenty of players take to the pitch in the new CTR360 II over the course of the next two nights Champions League games – which stars do you think will play in these new football boots and who will stick with the older models?

Tell us in the comments!

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  1. says: iPodkiller

    Smells like a succesful follower to the CTR 360.

    Definitely Fabregas will be spotted with the CTR 360 ||’s on the Champions League match against Partizan on 8 dec.

  2. says: Leo

    @ iPodkiller, it will take sum awesome vision to spot Fabregas wearing these against Partizan. as he’s likely to be in the stands watching the game due to a hamstring injury.

    Anyway, the CTR II’s are shaping up nicely and if they’re any sort of improvement on the CTR I’s. Then Nike can expect to have another serious candidate for boot of the year 2011.

  3. says: Delmin

    Does anyone else feel like there are too many boots coming out? How many colourways have been introduced since the World Cup finished? a new CTR fair enough as it’s a new boot but AdiPure 4? Why bother? Think Nike has had 3new CTR, 2 Vapor and 3 T90 colourways since August and it’s only December. Seems like a waste of money all round.

  4. says: dilivio

    i think the k leather version of the laser iii are similiar to the ctr60 only the t90 is more a strike shoe than control. sorry for bad english 😛

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