Phil Jagielka with the proteinwords for Everton FC

Football has come a long way since the days of oranges at half-time and nowhere is that more evident than at Everton' Football Club.

The Blues have become the first club in The Premier League to develop a range of bespoke sports nutrition to enhance' the team’s fitness and conditioning, using a unique formula for each player dependant on their position, recovery time, injuries and more in what is being described as a first for the Premier League.

Head of Sport Science and Conditioning, Steve Tashjian and Professor Don MacLaren' (Nutrition Advisor to Everton) have been working closely with the experts at innovative sports nutrition company The Protein Works' over the summer to develop the very latest cutting-edge recovery formulas, tailor-made exclusively' to meet the demanding needs of the Everton first team.

Steve said: “We are looking at every area of the Club to see how we can push the boundaries further than ever before. One of the areas' that we thought we could gain a real competitive edge was in the player’s fitness, conditioning and nutrition. With the new intensive' training protocols we have put in place and the very latest in bespoke sports nutrition from The Protein Works, we are confident that' the players will be in the best possible shape once the new season starts.”

With a training ground that’s more commonly known as ‘The School of Science’, it is apt that Everton are the first in the Premier League' to adopt the innovative recovery products. The Protein Works' recovery formulas are already being implemented into the team’s' pre-season intensive training programme and the initial results are very impressive.

“Footballers train harder and longer than ever before, and the conditioning that they undergo at Finch Farm is pretty intense. Sports' nutrition plays a key role in the recovery process so we have to ensure the highest quality custom-made supplements are available to' work hand in hand with our own very specific conditioning programmes,ĹĄ said Steve.

Ĺ›The Protein Works are at the forefront of innovation right now in sports nutrition and are able to provide high quality products' with bespoke formulations. What is even more important to us is that every product we have developed with The Protein Works' is' chemical free. They are totally ˜clean„products free from preservatives.

The collaborative approach has worked really well and we now' have two unique recovery drinks – one for the nutrient window after training and one for the nutrient window following a match,ĹĄ he' added.

Co-Founder of The Protein Works' and Head of Research and Development Nick Smith, said: “The whole process has been very' complex and technically demanding, but credit must be given to Everton’s conditioning team who have demanded excellence. The Club’s' motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, which means nothing but the best is good enough, was definitely at the forefront of their minds on this' ground-breaking project. To help pioneer a ‘first’ in English football has been amazing.”

With a new crest, new manager and a new nutrition system

You can find out more about this ground-breaking collaboration at ' www.theproteinworks.com.

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