Many nay-sayers will constantly say the same thing about football boots; “It’s not the boots, it’s the player”. Well, try telling that to Samuel Eto’o, who found a change of boots lead to a change of luck when facing Genoa!

Samuel Eto'o, football boots

It can be frustrating life for a striker.

After 45 minutes, Samuel Eto’o had seen a goal disallowed, a penalty claim waved away, set up a sitter which was mistimed by Pazzini and been called offside numerous times. Oh, and to top it all off Inter were 1-0 down.

So, after having temporarily lost his new White/Black/Pompeiian Red v1.10SL during the match, Eto’o opted to change his football boots for a new pair altogether during half time.

Samuel Eto'o, football boots

Emerging from the tunnel at Giuseppe Meazza in his older Parachute Purple/Ebony/Tender Shoots v1.10SL‘s, it took the Cameroon ace only 6 minutes to bag the goal he so desperately desired – and then another 6 minutes to grab another!

The fleet-footed forward continued his upward trend and finished the game with the man of the match award, with Inter the victors 5-2.

The whole event produced some great photos of Eto’o and football boots that really show the relationship some players have with their footwear – especially Eto’o, who looks to be pleading with his misfiring boot frustration at the way the game was going!

Samuel Eto'o, football boots

We also get a great look at the customisation that Eto’o employs on his football boots – including a mixed-stud soleplate that’s not a million miles away from the system Cristiano Ronaldo uses on his Superfly II’s.

So, all this goes to show is that the right pair of cleats can make a real difference to a game, even if they are identical in every way besides colour!

now, the ultimate test of Eto’o’s superstition will be seeing what boots he wears in his next game!

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  1. says: Laserbluemini

    Most of us who play sports are so superstitious it’s funny.

    I must wear my left sock first or else I don’t feel good! lol

  2. says: channo

    @mike: hey buddy, i don’t mind if you don’t believe in wearing white football boots, or left before right, or no eggs for breakfast before the game, or touching the grass before entering the pitch… but u shouldn’t insult people who believe in God.
    football is about respect. respecting other people’s skills, races, or religion. if u don’t respect, u can’t cooperate. if u can’t cooperate, just warm the goddamn bench and watch us play.


    crazy first pic there!

    i don’t get to see the match, does eto’o really pleading at his boots??

  3. says: Connor Wallace

    im with eto’o here, every pair of boots is different. and your feet do change size slightly from day to day… yeah its probably rubbish but i feel like weve all had harsh conversations with our boots.

    @channo: props bud

  4. says: Splinter09

    In the first pic it looks like Eto’o is saying:

    “Please football boot, help me score, that is all I ask!” LOL

  5. says: RaRa Kengi

    I can’t step on the sideline when i walk on for the first and second half. I also have to put my left boot on first but still tie the right boot first.

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