Trusox! Ever since we featured them on the site a month ago, we’ve had plenty of chatter on our Facebook and Twitter pages about the socks that have taken the Premier League by storm.

But are they any good? We snagged a couple of pairs to see how they held up to the rigorous standards!

The Concept


For those of you not familiar with the idea of Trusox, here’s a quick catch-up.

As boots have moved toward more lightweight materials, insoles have become more frictionless to improve comfort and reduce weight.

The problem this generates is that frictionless football socks slid around within the boot, causing unwanted slippage, leading to loss of traction and blistering as your feet move within the boot.

Trusox aim to increase friction between the foot and the insole, eliminating this unwanted slippage.

The Execution

Trusox Review

Every sock in the Trusox range is designed with non-slip applications on both the inside and outside of the traditional cotton sock.

The result is that your feet move in unison with the boot, improving comfort and allowing your feet to lock into place above the studs – improving traction and acceleration.

The Impression

Equipment Test - Trusox Review

Putting on a pair of Trusox for the first time is nowhere near as alien as you think it might be. Whilst I was expecting some sort of sandpaper-esque material, the design of the panels on Trusox are actually far cleverer than that.

Whilst being slightly rough to the touch (definitely ‘grippier’ than a traditional cotton sock, anyway), like a golf glove, Trusox actually get grippier as more moisture comes into contact with them – finally, my sweaty feet were starting to pull their weight!
The Result 

Equipment Test - Trusox

After trying the Trusox with a multitude of new boots including the Lotto Fuerzapura II, Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII and Predator LZ on both Grass and Artificial (4G) turf, as well as the Nike Bomba Finale on an older Astroturf court, I’ve been really pleased with the consistency of the product.

With the exception of my trusty Bombas, all the boots above were worn for the first time with the Trusox and there was zero blistering (though that could be down to the boots), but the lack of slippage was easily the highlight of using the Trusox for me.

Trusox Soccer Socks Review

As someone who likes to take corners and free-kicks, the lack of slipping on in your standing leg something you really notice as your striking leg follows through, and when you lower your centre of gravity to take someone on, you feel like you have a more ‘one-to-one’ contact with the ground – something that you notice tenfold whilst wearing a speed boot.

It’s discrete, that’s for sure, and in terms of how much time and energy not slipping in you boot makes – it’s milliseconds. But, go back to using a regular sock after trying Trusox and you’ll immediately respect the difference.

The Downside

Trusox Review

Whilst I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a pair of Trusox to anyone who feels like their feet are slipping in their footballs boots, one minor downside is they do ‘pad out’ the inside of your boot a little bit.

This will probably come as a huge bonus to people who are ‘inbetween’ sizes, or have a pair of boots that are just a fraction too big, if you currently wear your boots super-super-tight, then you might struggle to squeeze in a pair of Trusox to your particular boots.


All-in-all, if boot-slippage is your problem, Trusox are your solution.

If you’re a set-piece maestro or speedy trickster, rather than splashing out the big dollar on a new pair of boots, testing out a pair of Trusox could well give you that same mental ‘boost’ for a lower cost of admission.

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  1. says: guest

    Did you wear them over a full football sock or did you cut the feet off the footie socks? Know of a number of players who do that

    1. says: Editor

      That’s coming up, don’t worry @846aca0689e4786091e241124ebbe37b:disqus  We just like to make sure they get a proper run-out for durabilty, etc!

    1. says: Editor

      As far as we know, Trusox are only selling through their site at the moment, but are looking to expand into other retail outlets soon

  2. says: Emil_ringheim

    YOU CANT WEAR THEM LIKE THAT!! IT WONT EVEN WORK, YOU’D HAVE TO CUT THE SOCK OF , IT HAS TO BE ON YOUR FEET NOT ON TOP OF YOUR SOCK FOR IT TO WORK, haha. There’s no point wearing the Trusox unless they’re actually on your feet.

    1. says: Cole

      It’s the little dots on the outside of the sock that make it work? So as long as the sock is touching the insole it works.

      1. says: Jaff

        This would be the correct assumption as long as the sock inside has enough friction to hold onto the Trusox. So the real question is, was the testing done with socks inside of the Trusox and then without socks and just the bare foot inside the Trusox?

        1. says: Editor

          @aadb4fdaa9903364afbe21dc4231242a:disqus  + @860a5fd00ff07d13e15c85eef5222f0f:disqus – glad you brought it up – we tested it three ways, on-top of socks, underneath and with cut-offs.

          Cut-off was the best (I don’t like playing with two pairs on anyway), On-top of your regular socks was also good, but not as good, and underneath was almost pointless.

          It just so happened that during the game where we could get the best photos, we were testing the ‘on-top’ method

          1. says: choerenz

            i was considering these because I wear ankle braces and I need extra padding to protect against chaffing. I’m pretty desperate to ease the sores from the braces (no braces is not an option) and if these are comfortable and pad out they might do the trick.

    1. says: Editor

      Yeah, they’re the ones that have no straps – the ‘Clip-ons’. They’re super-light and very thick for protection, but you really need some guard-stays to keep them in place!

  3. says: Jake

    Kyle –

    I’ve had most issues with blisters when there is friction. The friction with my skin creates irritation and I get blisters and calluses. There needs to be some balance.

    I bought the official team socks from Nike that Nike sponsored teams are wearing this year with the grey padding on the foot and achilles area that appear to try to be some sort of blister aid. What’s your take on those vs. Trusox?

    I get worse blisters with those Nike socks than I had before without the grey anti-wear area so I’m wondering if the Trusox would be similar. Anything to stop the blisters I will buy!


    1. says: Editor

      @06935165c916e7e9c9ed6fb9e3e419b5:disqus – Good question, weirdly I just picked up a pair of the Nike team socks yesterday – I’ll give them a try tonight and let you know how I think they compare.

      1. says: Jake

        Thanks, Kyle. Look forward to hearing about it.

        P.S. on the Nike Football FB page the new ball for PL/La Liga/Serie A is shown on the My Time is Now trailer.

  4. says: trusox user

    the reason you think that there not that good is because your not wearing them right, the trusox must have nothing between the foot or between the shoe, this may sound strange but you have to cut the foot part off your football sock, put on the trusox the put on the team football sock, which now is more like a sleeve without the foot part and connect the two by using tape, do this and they will feel great and work better, it looks like in these pictures you are wearing it over the team football sock which is why it doesn’t work

  5. says: Lozboi2

    If my boots are tight enough my trusox work a charm like no other sock can. If they are not as tight it still helps but I gt a bit of movement under my big toe

  6. says: Stuart Kingsnorth

    I have had a pair of TruSox since the start of preseason, i always like to try new products and innovations. Firstly you must wear them the right way and that is with no other sock, there are pads on the inside as well as on the outside and it’s these that lock your foot. Wearing other socks just waste ÂŁ24.99. You can also order two different thicknesses so if your boots are tightly fit you can get a thinner sock so you shouldn’t have any problems with that, I have the thinner sock and it fits nicely, I have tried them in Nike Tiempo Legend IV’s, Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0, Puma King SL’s and Cruyff Match boots all with good effect. On Saturday just past I forgot to put them in my kit bag and had to wear the standard kit socks (these are high quality Puma socks) and the whole game I noticed just how much my feet do slip in my boots, it felt very uncomortable. I can’t recommend these socks enough, but I stress that you have to wear them in the right way to get the benefit.

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