As something that’s has been plastered all over the news lately, you’ll no doubt be aware of the ‘Will They/Won’t They’ back-and-forth over FIFA denying England players the ability to wear Poppies on their shirts in this weekend’s clash with World Champions Spain.

Gabriel Agbonlahor has a rememberance day poppy embroidered onto his Nike football boots

A symbol of remembrance for those lost during times of war, FIFA ruled that the poppy is a political symbol which has no place on the neutrality of the football pitch.

Following public outcry, tabloid campaigns and even a personal plea from Prince William, FIFA have since compromised, allowing the Poppy to be displayed on black armbands which will be worn players over their shirt sleeves.

But had that decision not been made by the higher-ups in Switzerland, it seems some of England’s stars were planning on making sure the Poppy was represented on the pitch, whether FIFA liked it or not.

Ashley Cole has a rememberance day poppy embroidered onto his Nike football boots

Speedsters Theo Walcott and Gabby Agbonlahor and defender Ashley Cole have taken the time to get the flower of remembrance embroidered on their bright yellow Nike football boots, ahead of England’s upcoming friendlies.

Walcott and Agbonlahor were certainly out to make a statement with their personalised footwear, as the new Volt/Retro Superfly III’s are amongst the brightest football boots available at the moment, and would likely attract plenty of attention to their bespoke embroidery – which are expected to be auctioned for charity next week.

Theo Walcott has a rememberance day poppy embroidered onto his Nike football boots

We’re not sure whether FIFA would have any jurisdiction over player’s personal footwear, but the England internationals will now be able to play without fear of reprisal, thanks to the ruling body’s compromise.

Now that it seems both FIFA and the English FA and public have reached a happy medium, we want to know – whether you’re English or not – if you think a symbol like the Poppy has any place on the football pitch.

Let us know using the poll, or if you have really strong feelings – why not leave a comment? [poll id=”51″]

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  1. says: Grongy

    Last year I was friends with a number of German students at university.  Many of them wore poppies during the weeks leading up to Rememberance Day as a principle of respect, and they are the people who FIFA are scared of offending.  It infuriates me that FIFA fail to research these things properly, however if England fans continue to boo opposition National Anthems then they are in no position to complain about respect

  2. says: Geovani Pastor

    I don’t know why FIFA intend on acting like a bully in circumstances such as this one. I mean international football is about the only sport worlwide that is played regularly and if England wants to wear the poppy in rememberance I don’t see the harm. I’m from the USA and every 9/11 all the pro teams either have a ribbon or the USA flag somewhere on their uniform th show the respect and remember those who died on that day. What is the big deal FIFA?! You guys have bigger things to worry about then this.

  3. says: athazm

    so when im told i cant have my name and flag on my boots in a certain position because the machine cant do it, then they’re able to  add a fully embroided poppy to those boots, its a joke

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