Diadora Solano GX-14 Football Boots

Hot on the heels of the DD Eleven GX-14 we featured here on Footy-Boots.com last month – we’ve got another pair of hot Diadora football boots to share with you; the Diadora Solano GX-14!


The’ Diadora Solano GX-14 is the perfect marriage of a lightweight synthetic cleat the technology and innovation Diadora has perfected to keeping players cooler, drier and better supported when they take to the pitch.

The sole is the main selling point of the’ Diadora Solano GX-14 as it contains the same Net Breathing Technology as the DD Eleven K.

The GEOxx Net Breathing System is designed to keep your feet dry whilst keeping water from the pitch out using Diadora’s unique three-layer construction.

The first layer is a breathable membrane that transports moisture and heat away from the foot and out through the sole, much like the eVent technology on Nike’s football boots, or the vents on a football shirt.

The Diadora Solano GX-14˜s next layer is a synthetic fibre, which protects the first, more fragile membrane from damage from debris from the pitch, whilst still maintaining excellent breath-ability.

Diadora Solano GX-14 Football Boots

The last layer is the outsole, which uses the GX-14 (hence the Diadora Solano GX-14‘s name) configuration we’ve seen on Diadora’s more recent football boots. Perforated with precision-cut ventilation shafts, working with the other two membranes, it allows heat to escape whilst keeping water and dirt out.

As you can see from the video, those sceptical about Diadora’s claims needn’t be – as Diadora seem to have tested the Diadora Solano GX-14‘s Net Breathing system to the extreme, even testing it in an inch of water!

Diadora Solano GX-14 Football Boots

As for everything else the’ Diadora Solano GX-14 offers, the upper is a patented TechPro synthetic that offers a great fit and feel on the ball and keeps the weight to a respectable 266g, whilst the instep is fitted with dual-layer shock absorption systems – to ensure that stud pressure is relieved and cofort prevails – even on artificial turf!

After a few years on the sideline of the’ football boots world, it looks like Diadora are slowly building up their stable again, and we’re glad to see them back!

Diadora Solano GX-14 Football Boots

Available only in the US at the moment for $109.99, are the’ Diadora Solano GX-14 a cleat you would give a try?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Anonymous

    the boots sounds promosing… but gotta say that i’m not a big fan of the video, they could have come up with something better

  2. says: Paul1

    It would be nice if someone tested these boots, there are 20 million Nike and Adidas tests out there but no one tests these other smaller brands which are good.

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