Diadora Launch DD-NA GLX 14 2

Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2

It barely seems like we had time to get to know the technically-titled Diadora DD-NA GLX 14, but just 9 months after the introduction of the original, a successor to the historic Italian brand’s lightest ever boot is set for release; the ‘Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2’  (because, you know, that name really needed another number).

Diadora have made serious leaps and bounds to get their line-up of boots up to the standards of today’s footballing footwear, and the ‘Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2’ is a great example of that.

Diadora DD-NA 2 - Blue / WhiteDiadora DD-NA 2 - Blue / White


Tipping the scales at 176g, the Italian brand’s speed boot tussles with the elite of the speed boot market in terms of weight, but also manages to pack on a lot of features on that lightweight frame.

The upper retains the SuprellPro3L upper, sandwiching a mouldable synthetic leather between an outer ‘grip’ layer and and integrated inner liner for comfort and control.

The DD-NA range’s upper was a favourite feature on the last incarnation given it’s stretchable nature making the boot accommodating to a wide variety of foot shapes, and Diadora have embraced that feedback here, adding channels to help the boot crease naturally for improved comfort and reduced break-in times.

Diadora DD-NA 2 - Blue / White - Instep

Diadora DD-NA 2 - Fluo Green Black - Instep

As you may well expect from a Diadora shoe by now, the Italian brand have worked their NET Breathing System into the shoe; a unique mesh and pebax construction that allows the boot to perform as well as any other boot in the flexibility stakes, whilst allowing air to get into the shoe and moisture to get out.

The ‘GLX-14’ part of the name refers to the stud configuration. Diadora have a 14 stud FG system that blends four classic conical studs for optimum freedom of movement when turning with diamond-shaped stability studs.

Diadora DD-NA 2 - Blue / White - Profile

Diadora DD-NA 2 - Blue / White - Profile

Diadora have often been big proponents of Brasilian culture – their most famous boot is, of course, the Maracana – and we can see that once again they have a foot on both sides of the Atlantic ocean with the Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2’s launch colourways.

The Fluo / Green / Black colourway is an obvious homage to the colours of this summer’s World Cup hosts, whilst the Blue / White version is a little closer to home for Diadora, blending the colours of the Italian flag with Azzurri blue.

Set to launch February 17th, let us know what you think of the ‘Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2’ in the comments below!

Diadora Launch DD-NA GLX 14 2, 8.1 out of 10 based on 49 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/diadora-dd-na-2.jpg

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  1. says: Brandy

    These are by far the worse cleats ever. Very little padding at back of heel and narrow resulting in deep bruising.

  2. says: chris

    I agree. The boots are great except for the lack of padding at the heel, which has personally resulted in heel bruising twice in 2 months playing football (soccer). I have tried buying inserts to compensate – see how that goes.

  3. says: James

    Terrific boot, and have not had any problems with them. Diadora have combined style an comfort. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase

  4. says: James

    These are brilliant boots. I have tried the F50 model and this is by far a much better boot. It’s lightweight but at the same time it has more protection on your foot. Overall i rate this boot very highly!!

  5. says: Rob Nightly

    These boots are much better then the F50s. They last longer in terms of durability and the comfort they offer is much more compared to that of any other lightweight synthetic upper boot. I haven’t had the same issues some of you are stating with the back of the heel.. perhaps its your style of play or running..an insert could help, but for myself there is no issues with the boot. If someone is boarder line on a lightweight shoe, this is what you should go for.

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