Diadora DD-NA 2 Gets Italian-Themed Look for the New Season

Diadora DD-NA-2 - White / Green / Red

The football boot with the catchiest name in the sport is back with a patriotic look for the new season, as Diadora celebrate their Italian heritage with the Diadora DD-NA 2 – White / Green / Red.

The latest lighweight release from the storied brand, the Diadora DD-NA 2 – White / Green / Red brings a new splash of colour after an Azzurri Blue and Brazilian-themed pair of colourways for the World Cup.

Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 2 - White / Green / Red

A little more subdued – and classy, if we may say so ourselves – the Diadora DD-NA 2 – White / Green / Red will look right at home on pitches at the start of the new season, with the White upper with red, green and silver detailing looking fresh.

And despite our (well-deserved) digs at the name, the Diadora DD-NA 2 is an absolutely cracking little release, and a worthy entry into the speed market.

Diadora DD-NA-2 - White / Green / Red - Upper

At just 176g, the Diadora DD-NA 2 is right in the mixer with some of the lighter football boots on the market.

However, unlike a lot of speed boots, the Diadora DD-NA 2 is more accommodating to for a wider or flatter foot shape, and is one of our go-to ‘football boots for wide feet‘ recommendations.

Diadora DD-NA-2 - White / Green / Red - Instep

The SuprellPro3L upper is soft, and works with the shape of the boot, and some ergonomic channels in the last to allow the boot mould to any foot shape.

Working with that is an internal TPU cage for support and pressure distribution across the soleplate.


Diadora DD-NA-2 - White / Green / Red - Soleplate

Speaking of, the soleplate on the Diadora DD-NA 2 is a minor mechanical marvel in itself.

Using Diadora’s NET Breathing System, layered mesh and membranes allow heat and excess moisture (sweat) to leave the boot through the bottom of the soleplate, whilst the construction prevents water or debris coming the other way – genius!

Available to order from the Footy-Boots.com US Store from today, with a European release later in the month, are the Diadora DD-NA 2 – White / Green / Red a release you’d consider picking up?

Let us know in the comments!

Diadora DD-NA 2 Gets Italian-Themed Look for the New Season, 6.4 out of 10 based on 9 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/diadora-dd-na-2-white-green-red.jpg

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