Diadora Brasil Axeler Football Boots

Diadora Brasil Axeler football boot review, by Nick Tan.

Brasil-AxelerThose were the days when Stan Collymore, the Neville brothers, Roy Keane and even Marco Van Basten stepped onto the field with their Diadora football boots. These days most of the players endorsing Diadora hail mainly from Serie A, the most well known being the ageing Filippo Inzaghi.

Diadora Brasil Axeler

Weighing in at about 14 oz (actual weight) for my little Size 6 feet, this Diadora football boot, made in Bulgaria, is half a size larger than usual. For example, I had to make do with a UK 6 'Ëť as the 6 was simply too tight for me, although I do have a penchant for tight fitting football boots.

Wearing the football boots for the first time, I was excited, looking at the beautiful luminous yellow markings on my football boots, left me feeling like a pro.

The Fit
The football boots felt secure, although the original lacing proved to be a little excessive. The kangaroo uppers were very soft as they were further lined with cambrelle. The initial fitting was weird as the football boots felt very stubby, but by the time my football boots were moulded to my feet, after a few weeks they felt okay.

Football Boot for Wide Feet
I would have to say that, it’s a football boot suited for wider feet. The patented shock absorbing DA and Ergos technology was great, as not once did I feel any stress on my soles, running of the rock hard pitch here in Singapore, it really works. In fact, not once did I have to suffer a single foot problem wearing this pair of football boots. Even breaking the football boots in was quite pain free.

Brasil-Axeler football bootsDiadora football boots

Poor Durability
However, for all its comfort, there were just too many things that were not right, especially in terms of durability. After just over 6 months of wearing the football boots once a week, barring an intensive 2 weeks coaching course, a hole appeared at the tip of the toe. It was then I realised how thin the leather actually was. In fact, the football boots started to really age after wearing them just 5 or 6 times.

Wet Conditions
After about 2 months, I noticed the inner soles started to peal and they later developed a hole in the material exposing the foam. The lining of the inside of the heel was also torn after about 5 months. That was not all, when it rained, the football boot weighed a tonne. So much so that I had to have my football boots changed halfway through a game to avoid fatigue. The water absorption was also just too great and wouldn’t be too comfortable during wet weather. There was also a fair bit of movement of the feet when the football boots were soaked. Stopping was a challenge as the feet were swimming and moving around in the football boot.

So if you are looking for a great looking football boot, with traditional feel, comfort in dry weather and an advanced sole, this is the football boot for you. Regular training and matches in these football boots would just greatly reduce their life span.

Considering, my weight of about 62 kilograms, the football boots couldn’t take too much abuse. Someone weighing a third more is going to kill these football boots much quicker.

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