Youngsters compete to design new football boot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own football boot and get a professional footballer to wear it?

As part of the Premier League ‘Creating Chances’ community programme, North East school children have had the chance to develop and market a football boot for Middlesbrough midfielder George Boateng.

t90-laser-white1.jpgFormer Dutch international Boateng currently wears Nike Total 90 Laser’s, but was interested in finding out new and innovative ideas that could be brought to the world of football boot design.

The Riverside favourite was impressed with the finished products, saying “they came up with ideas that we adults wouldn’t even think of, and some ideas that I would really like to see like thermal heating and football boots in the colours of the home and away kit, so hopefully those things will be introduced in the future.”

Boateng hopes that the enterprising designs would “motivate and stimulate” the students to act on their ideas. The Ghanaian born player was particularly taken by a design for thermal football boots. “My feet start getting cold in October, so I would be the first to buy some!”

What creative ideas would you bring to the world of football boot design if you worked as a designer for one of the big football boot brands?

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    1. says: Bryan

      If you want to send any ideas to [email protected] I have links to a sports design company that may get back in touch if you don’t want to patent them. Or alternatively I could set up a page on www sportstechreview com with new football boot or soccer ideas?

      1. says: jamie

        i have over 250 designs of football boots, but have no idea where i can sell them or have them looked at, its a passion but i haven’t found any avenues to go down to make it a profitable…..
        cheers for ne responses..

        1. says: del

          hi jamie you will need a working prototype for people to take you serously,your designs will need to be different to anything thats already on the market,i have a few ideas of my own so maybe we could work together?

  1. says: kyle

    Hey guys – this article is just about 3 years old!

    This competition is no longer running!

    If you fancy designing boots, hop on google and type in Miadidas or Nike iD and you’ll get adidas and Nike’s custom boot creators – hope that helps!

  2. says: Nuno Da Cruz

    I think that the new pink mercrials that are out in 1-2th october but the new f50s adidas boots are nice as well

    1. says: game

      you can only change the colourees on nike id not your own acual boot its a poor way to make your own boot no offence.

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