With the new miCoach app, adidas extends its personal coaching programme for running and introduces specific conditioning programmes for Football, Tennis, American Football and Basketball.

Clearly with Nike’s Nike Football+ firmly in their sights, the Brand with the 3 Stripes have timed their miCoach app to perfection, as players the world over are turning their attention to getting fit for the new season.

The miCoach app, using GPS for active real-time pace-based coaching and location tracking, makes the adidas miCoach platform available to millions of smart phone owners via the option to download at selected app stores including iTunes and Blackberry App World from tody.

adidas has worked with some of the world’s finest athletic coaches, athletes and teams when developing the miCoach app and the sports-specific training plans, working closely with the Spanish National Team, FC Bayern Munich, AC Milan as well as athletes like Reggie Bush and Jessica Ennis.

The miCoach app allows smart phone users to turn the phone into a personal coach: pace triggered voice coaching, personalised and sports-specific training plans, workout calendar, navigator and workout feedback are some of the features.

The miCoach app syncs automatically with the intelligent website micoach.com offering six documented training plans for each sport and the option to create personalised conditioning programs. On micoach.com the training programmes are tailored to the personal fitness level and goals allowing to monitor, manage and analyse progress over time.

Here are some of the features that adidas are most proud of:

adidas miCoach app highlights:

All-in-one device: your music, coach, workout calendar, navigator and phone

First app to offer real-time, GPS-triggered voice coaching to color keyed pace zones based on a personal assessment workout

First app to offer sports-specific workout plans

Fully customisable so athletes of all levels can create personalised conditioning programmes to meet fitness level and goals

Instant workout feedback with graphs and maps to review and share

Monitors, manages and analyses progress over time

Syncs wirelessly with micoach.com so all data is safely stored online

Updates continuously with coaching content tailored to your training needs

Indoor coaching only mode for use in the gym

adidas miCoach.com “ intelligent website that is central to the miCoach personal coaching service. miCoach users can select goal-based training plans for various sports. The website allows tracking progress over time, comparing individual statistics and workouts over time as well as sharing results via the online community.

adidas miCoach Pacer “ a small, lightweight device that delivers real-time audible coaching as you exercise via headphones or combined with your own MP3 player or smartphone. During your run, the miCoach Pacer verbally coaches you (i.e. speed up to green zone, slow down to blue zone, etc.) to ensure that you are staying within your targeted heart rate zone and keep you running at the right personal level based on its interaction between the adidas Heart Rate Monitor and adidas Stride Sensor.

adidas miCoach Zone “ easy-to-read colour-code display provides accurate, real-time coaching on your wrist. Used in conjunction with the adidas Heart Rate Monitor or the miCoach app.

adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor “ provides accurate feedback about your workout performance. It relays your workout information to the miCoach Pacer or miCoach Zone which then ensures you’re not pushing yourself too hard or too little on your run.

adidas miCoach Stride Sensor “ clips directly to shoe laces or inside adidas adiStar and Supernova shoe models featuring a cavity under the sockliner of the left shoe. The Stride Sensor provides detailed data about your unique stride rate, distance and pace and relays that information back to the miCoach Pacer device.

All sounds pretty good to us!

The use of GPS is a smart move, as there’s no need for added equipment (though adidas are offering compatible heart rate monitors and stride monitors) so that if you’ve got a smartphone, you can strap it on and get training!

Of course, this might ring a few bells to out long time readers – adidas partnered with Samsung for a well-received(ish) MiCoach scheme back in 2008 with then-Chelsea Gaffer Jose Mourinho at the helm

Will you be downloading MiCoach to help with your pre-season?

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