David Hunt

“Every week it’s a different team, which means different pitches and as a result I have to make sure I always have the right equipment to suit.”

David Hunt, Pro footballer at League 1 team Brentford.

In this article I try and give you an insight into some of the gear I use as a Pro footballer, enjoy!

Weapons of Choice

Some weeks the pitches are hard and other times they can be like mud baths. To make sure I’m prepared, I like to carry four pairs of football boots; Two pairs of moulded boots for firm grounds and 2 pairs of studs for softer grounds.

David Hunt Boots

If a pair of boots tear or something’s wrong, I always have a backup to ensure that I play. I personally prefer to wear Nike boots and have done for the last few years now. Every player has their own personal preference for comfort and style.

I happened to start using the T90 Laser range when I signed for Brentford, the day before my Nike Mercurial Vapors had split and I didn’t have a pair of boots that I felt comfortable in, so my mate Gary Borrowdale (QPR/loan Charlton) gave me a pair of his, I loved them.

David Hunt Boots

I prefer Nike, Adidas are good but I’m yet to find a pair that I feel good in, I hear they have a new design out soon (adiZero, Ed)which might be the ones for me. I usually wear Nike Vapors purely because they are so light, I hate playing in boots that are heavy, and the vapor studs are great too.

The new superflys are next on my list to try out; I’ve had Legends and Tiempos but I didn’t like having tongues on my boot so I’d always cut them off. As much as I tried to like these football boots, they were too heavy for me – especially when its raining.

The good thing is every time a new design comes out they are lighter so maybe the next release is for me. Everyone has different opinions, some lads in my team have really wide feet so Vapors are a no no as they are too narrow.

David Hunt Boots

The new T90 design is great for striking a ball and if caught on the right spot, the ball will move all over the place which is a nightmare for keepers. They are lighter than Legends and the vented uppers do cool my feet, which make a difference when it gets hot.

I do however find that when wearing them on hard pitches I get a rubbing pain on the outside of my little toe which other players have mentioned too. Like I said, I have my eyes set on the new Superflys but until then the T90’s have done a great job.

In addition to my football boots, I also carry the following'  in my match day bag; Shin pads, (I’ve had for 4 years) not that this is something to be proud of as the smell can be quite….unpleasant, to say the least.

David Hunt Boots

Brentford FC gloves and hat which I take everywhere with me as you never know when you’ll need them! Flip flops, which are a must have as if anyone in the squad doesn’t have a pair, they’ll be straight in my fine book and will have to pay the price!!!

Last but not least is my wash bag. Here you’ll find the usual; Deodorant, Shower Gel (which half the lads nick), Moisturiser, Toothpaste, Nail Clippers, Watch, Plasters and Paracetamol.

So this was a quick little glimpse at what I take to every game, home or away. All players prepare differently to suit their needs and routines, this is mine.

Failure to prepare, is preparing for failure…

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  1. says: kuuku

    Fact: The Lasers are the heaviest boot, even heavier than the konstrukt III and the legend.

    Secondly, if your shinpads are minging what’s stopping you from shucking them out and buying new ones?


  2. says: Connor Wallace

    so what are the second pair of softies you have there? they look similar to nike’s american football vapor jets

  3. says: tonyspeed

    this dude doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about. just say you don’t like leather boots because they soak up too much water in the rain. you prefer synthetic.

    i’ve come to realise that all these so-called “light” boots are rubbish anyways. the first thing they remove from the boots is the insole cushioning. it makes the boot light but does crap for your knees and calves.

  4. says: NP9

    Nice Hunty, been waiting for your article the whole week, and by the way, congratulations for your daughter 😉 I happen to be a new follower of your blog.

  5. says: fido

    maybe when he said heavy, its cos when its wet as compared to the other boots. its synthetic anyway compared to the tiempos. and he doesnt like the tongue which the T90 clearly lacks. so maybe that’s why 🙂

  6. says: peter

    would you ever do a give away section to your blog, say collect some older boots form your team mates and give them away as a weekly competition? Whats your opinion on base layers under your kit? as i find the nike pro and canterbury ones work really well and reduce tight hamstrings or quads.

  7. says: channo

    great insights! seems like u’ll got urself another fan 😉

    by the way, do you guys have some kind of equipment manager or someone to do all the logistic works?
    if yes, how far does his job covers? (socks? lucky boxers? cuz i see u bring ur own gloves)

    *i hate tongues on my boots too >:( all they do is sticking up around and messing up shots. even if they got straps, it’ll broke after a couple of match.

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