Ever wondered what life’s like for a player in the transfer window? New team mates, joining new teams and fighting for your position – David Hunt addresses them all in his latest Footy-Boots.com post!

Hi All and Welcome Back!

As you may well know I™m currently on my 6-week break, I hate not being able to play football every day but it™s a time I can use to let my body get some rest. During these weeks I spend nearly everyday looking at Sky Sports News to see what transfers have taken place. It™s an exciting period for the clubs and the fans. All clubs have a refurbishment of playing staff and you always get the rumors of who™s signing or leaving.

I™ve been at five clubs now and every summer has been the same, players have come and gone. I love the hype around the transfer news and as a result I have had the luck of playing with some great players. I see new signings as a positive for the club and myself. Players need to be kept on their toes, bringing in new signings will only make the current bunch work and perform to a high standard as everyone wants to keep their place.

I can imagine some footballers will get worried about new arrivals, which is only normal. When I was younger I hated new signings in my position, straight away I would think that my playing time would be reduced. I have since grown to learn that you need at least two players for each position, competition is a must, as long as it doesn™t turn personal.

I™ve seen and heard of players at other clubs kick their team-mate as he was in the same position or not talk to them off the pitch too. Sad, I know – but it happens. When a new player arrives everyone wants to see what they™re like in training. On the other hand if you are the new arrival it can be a very nervous and worrying experience, kind of like when you start a new school for the first time, except you have to show your new team the reason why you were signed, pressure.

Simon Cox – CTR360 Wearer… and Potential Chart-Topper!?

When I was at Northampton Town, a new signing would be initiated, they would have to sing a song at dinner on our first away trip. This is great banter and also a crash course in ice breaking/team bonding. I™ve seen some awful singers but must say that Simon Cox (West Brom) could make it through boot camp on X Factor!!

Loan signings are happening more and more these days, this is a great way for us to play with some up and coming young Premiership stars. John Bostock (Spurs) made a great impression during his first training session, he scored one and set up two during a 15-minute 11 vs. 11 game, the boy is special. It™s great watching and playing with these sorts of players as it makes you raise your own standards.

John Bostock for Spurs: One to Watch.

Fans must really enjoy the transfer period too, it™s a time for them to guess at whom they might sign and also be excited about seeing their new look side play. Every club has a fans website and I™m sure they get all the rumors starting which can make it more fun for them whilst the season is at a close.

So at the moment we have signed Goalkeeper Richard Lee from Watford, he is a very close friend of mine and I™m excited to have him in the goal behind me. I™m pretty sure I™ll get a few goals past him in training but we™ll keep that between us. I™ll let you know if he™s a good singer! I™m going to be keeping an eye on the transfer market in the next few weeks and look forward to playing with our new acquisitions.

Until next time enjoy the rumors¦


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