It seems that there’s a lot of pressure to ‘go green’ and cut carbon emissions on everyone nowadays, from Small Businesses to Huge Corporations, from whole Countries to Individuals.

(Video: Surprisingly graphic, don’t watch if you’re of a nervous disposition or if it might get you in bother at work!)

I mean, just the other day I told the lady at Tesco’s that I hadn’t brought my own ‘Bag for Life’ and she looked at me like I’d just drop-kicked her cat!

But apparently that’s nothing compared to the insane level of Eco-Friendliness that goes on at White Hart Lane – when ex-Spurs fancy-dan David Ginola returns to the club, he’s rather graphically exploded by Crouchy & co. for his ambivalent outlook on ‘Going Green’.

We can only assume that after successfully reducing the club’s Carbon emissions by 10%, Spurs will announce a Pre-Season tour of the Far East, which they’ll undertake onboard the Rainbow Warrior boat, doling out similar explosive punishments on illegal whaling boats.

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