Beckham Hybrid Football Boots

David Beckham is expected to wear unique Beckham Predator_X / PowerSwerve hybrid football boots against old club tonight, see pictures here and tell us what you think!

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David Beckham caused a ripple of interest amongst football boots fans when he played against Manchester United in the first leg of their last 16 Champions League play-off.

The AC Milan ace, on loan from LA Galaxy, started the game at the San Siro in his signature colourway Predator_X‘s, only to swap them into the older all-white PowerSwerves at half time.

Beckham, who pioneered football boot personalisation to include tributes to his wife, children, club and country, seems to have pushed it the envelope again by combining the two boots he played in last time he faced his old team.

Whilst we’ve seen Beckham retain the old ‘PowerPulse’ system from older Predator models on his signature line, this is the first time we’ve seen him add the distinctive curved heel counter from the old Predator PowerSwerves.

What do you think of Beckham’s boots? We’re impressed that adidas have gone to such lengths to build these boots in such a short space of time for the ex-England Captain, and it’s got our heads spinning at the potential of combining other boots!

But there are some murmurs that it’s hypocritical of Becks to put his name to a signature line of boots that he doesn’t endorse 100%.

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  1. says: Jeevan

    Becks is a media icon…his boots will be adorned by fans across the world varying in age and gender but I feel it is a bit of a sly or shady move to not commit to his signature boot which has provided him with a lot of money.

    At the end of the day, it’s about his performance and if these boots do it better for him then so be it.

  2. says: channo

    i’m almost speechless… (the heel counter even still got gold “predator” printing from his old LA galaxy colorway)

    and i’m not even going to think about the potential of combining other boots…!

    i’ve been a predator man since i was a kid -and i like the powerswerve a lot. but i truly think the X is more comfortable.

    by the way, when his first loan to Milan, Beckham’s powerswerve had those special high-profile vamps that supposed to give even more swerve than the usual powerswerve, remember?
    i miss that part a lot. if Becks miss it as much as i do -i wouldn’t dare to think further >_<

  3. says: kevin

    Very interestingg,, I haven’t seen tht. Definately for me makes me wana give them a go.
    Very nice by addidas, probably should sell these and might get great sales.

    From becks he should fully promote predators, the first person I thiink of when I hear predator is him.

    I like the idea of hybrids.

  4. says: Adri

    Has anyone noticed that he hasn’t got a thermoframe window? Atleast it looks like it’s missing 😛 Kinda strange, I sure wonder why… 🙂

  5. says: Splinter09

    Why are you calling Beckham’s football boots Hybrids? Do they run on a petrol and electric engine? LOL

    Oh no! wait I get it! LOL

  6. says: the goalie

    i think these boots are pretty sick they should produce these and see how they sell. I would buy a pair of those boots

  7. says: Fuzzy

    Love them! But could you Imagine combining these with the comfort and feel of the Adipures, and the lightness and sexiness of the F50?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. says: jimbob

    i find it slightly disappointing that the shop version is so different to the one on his feet. the 3 striped area looks better in the leather than it does in the shop version plastic.

  9. says: jimbob

    teddy, Messi wearing f30 is a good thing for those mum’s and dad’s with less pennys, as their kid will not feel so bad about not having the top boot. Beck’s db boot is very different from the one you can buy

  10. says: Siimon

    You can see that they have just taken a predator X, put a powerswerve heel on it, taken off the thermoframe window and put id’s on it. They look good, but he’s probably the only one who can have them

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